Six Stars of Endhiran Movie

This resource will provide information about the six stars of the Endhiran movie with whom the film is going to be one of the greatest success.

The following are the six stars of the Endhiran movie audio release function who were responsible for the success of the great function of Endhiran audio release. The Endhiran audio release function took place in Malaysia and was a great hit. All the starts came to Endhiran audio release. This program was shown in the SUN TV and in this resource i'm also providing some of the snapshots of the sun TV show. There is no introduction necessary for the following six stars. Their combination will make the people speak in the world level about the Endhiran movie. Without them the movie would have not been a great hit. They are

audio release

1. Super star Rajinikanth

2. Director Shankar

3. Isai Puyal A.R. Rahman

4. Kalanidhi Maran

5. Aishwarya Rai

6. Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu

Super Star Rajinikanth:

Super Star Rajinikanth was the first star of the program who acted as the hero in the film Endhiran?. He has given his full efforts in the movie in order to make the movie a great grand success. Rajinikanth is a very kind person who can take up any task to a greater extent and put his maximum efforts and do that particular job with full dedication. You can see his efforts in all his movies. In Tamil he is very popular because of his body language, style and the punch dialogue.


Superstar Rajinikanth himself creates some of the parts of the his movies to add the style parts and the punch dialogue in the movies to make the movies hit. This is his own creation that is making him successful throughout till now. But when the Endhiran movie is taken into consideration the director has given all the things for the Rajini to act and so that there was no necessity for him to think extra. Rajini is the man of hard work. Whatever he does he gives his full dedication in order to make the movie very successful.

Director Shankar:

To tell about the Director Shankar he is a tough and creative man and heros have told that it is very tough to work with such a personality. He always focuses on the script of the movie and he start giving life to the script. Endhiran is a dream project of Director Shankar. He planned the movie before 10 years and because there were no proper producers he could not take up the task of finishing the Endhiran movie. Director Shankar always thinks on creating the movies with good cinematography. He always thinks that there should be some perfection in the movie.


Usually the movies of the Director Shankar will always be the social awareness movies. His movies will create some new change in the Tamil Nadu. People of Tamilnadu have given him a great name and there are also many fans for his direction. The previous film of director Shankar was Shivaji with Rajini and it was a great success. In this film his aim is to make the movie to be spoken all over the world. This movie is the first movie to be the science fiction in the Tamil film industry. The team that has involved in the Endhiran movie will take him to great peek.

Isai Puyal A.R. Rahman:

Rahman is a famous figure all over the world because of his contribution in the movie Slum dog Millionaire. The song that he composed has given him two Oscar awards. It is definitely a great life time achievement for him. It is indeed a great thing that he is giving his music to the songs in the movie Endhiran. Actually speaking A.R Rahman is the original star of the program because he was the music director of the movie Endhiran and the program was the audio release function of the movie Endhiran.

Ar rahman

There will not be any person who doesn't like his songs. And telling about him, he is very soft man and whenever he gets some success in his carrier he just tells that "Ella pugazhum Iraivanukke". This actually means that he is dedicating all the fame that he has got till now to the god. His view is that God is the only person who deserves fame that he has got. If god is not there then he would have not recognized. This particular mind set shows how great he is. Rahman has given his full efforts in this movie such that all the songs have become the greatest hit.

Kalanidhi Maran:

Kalanidhi Maran is the producer of this particular world hit movie Endhiran. For a good film to be taken producer plays a major role. When a particular movie is taken with a very big story and a big budget then it is necessary that a person should be ready to take care of the budget of the movie Endhiran. For this purpose the stars of the movie first approached Ayangaran Industry for the producing. But they dropped the movie due to some reasons. Then when there was a critical situation Kalanidhi Maran was approached and Kalanidhi Maran took up the movie without speaking any words. This shows the dedication and trust that he is keeping on the Endhiran team.


To tell personally about Kalanidhi Maran he is a very kind person and he will not attend any functions. He is a very big legend in his business carrier. He is well known for the simplicity. This is the reason why he has become one of the best industrialists in the world. Endhiran audio release function is the first function that he is attending. This is because he is keeping that much good friendship with Rajinikanth.

Aishwarya Rai:

Aishwarya Rai plays a major role in this particular movie Endhiran. Without her the movie will not be fulfilled. It is great that she also came to the audio release function of the movie Endhiran. When the story was told to the Aishwarya Rai she accepted it with great enthusiasm because the team that is working in the movie was like that. Aishwarya Rai have her previous experience with director Shankar from the movie "Jeans". This movie was brought to be one of the greatest hit in the Tamil film industry. Aishwarya Rai is the most famous actress all over the world. People are expecting to great extent from her for her acting. Her acting is spoken all over the world.

aishwarya rai

Aishwarya rai is one such actress who takes up and task in the greater way. She does not mind if the task is very tough or challenging. Aishwaraya Rai is the gorgeous actress in the Tamil film industry and also in the Bollywood. As a actress of the great movie Endhiran Aishwarya rai gets herself involved in all the scene and she gives herself to the maximum equivalent to the Rajinikanth.

Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu:

Vairamuthu because of his great writings, he is called as the Kaviperarasu. Vairamuthu is the song writer of Endhiran movie. He has received many awards for writing songs for the great hit movies. There will be some different feel in the songs and the lyrics of the songs will be more useful for the movie to become some great hit. In the Tamil film industry the great writer Vairamuthu has a great recognition because of his works. There are also many movies that are made hit because of the great words of the Vairamuthu. He has been a great boon and gift to the tamil film industry. He is a man who works very hard in making the tamil language very famous all over the world. He is doing lots of things to develop the tamil language and make it very popular to all the extent.


Vairamuthu has maintained a great friendship with Super Star Rajinikanth and also the other actors. Vairamuthu has also given many hit songs for the superstar to shine in the Tamil film industry. Endhiran is a world level movie and it is indeed a great pleasure that Vairamuthu is writing lyrics for the world level movie Endhiran.

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