Details about Thanjavur big temple & Thanjai peria koil famous Tamilnadu temples

Brihadeeswarar temple or Big temple of Tanjavur is well known temple of ancient tamilnadu.Thanjavue big temple can be called as the pride of Tamil Nadu people.

Thanjai Peria koil (BIG TEMPLE) OR Peruvudaiyar Temple

Interesting informations about Thanjavur big temple

We all know Tamil Nadu is known for various world renowned temples and monuments. We will see in brief about Periya koyil situated at Thanjavur.Brihadeeswarar temple is situated at Thanjavur (district in Tamil Nadu), Thanjavur is well known for the victorious Chola dynasty, We can notice that this particular temple has the pride that is has got the contributions from various dynasties such as Cholas, Nayaks and Pandiyas .We see breif description of temple structure and various other important facts such as growing Nandhi, Single stone shikaram, shadow of the temple.

Thanjavur peria koil architecture

Raja Raja Chola was a great builder, and the Brihadeeswarar templeor the Big Temple at Thanjavur was created by him. The entrance of the Brihadeeshwarar Temple leads to a huge enclosure, which has been lined with stones. Moving through the corridor, you can come across a stone statue of Nandhi Bull which is the riding tool of Lord Shiva and then, two idols of Lord Ganesh. Then, you can reach the sanctum sanctorum. Here the deity has been kept. The inner walls of the sanctum sanctorum illustrate 108 dance poses of Lord Shiva.

Towering Vimanam

The height of towering vimanam is 200 feets. Alternative name for Towering vimanam of thanjai peria koil is "Dakshina Meru". The Shikharam of Thanjai peria koil vimanam rests on a single block of granite weighing 81 tons. It is said that Vimanam of thanjai peria koil was carried up a specially built ramp built from a site 6 kilometers away from here.

Huge Nandhi statue in Thanjai peria koil

Huge Nandhi of Thanjai peria koil is situated at corners of the Shikharam of the Vimanam of thanjai peria koil. The height of the Kalasam on top is about 3.8 meteres. The Height of Nandhi in thanjai peria koil is 12 in feet. The length of Nandhi in thanjai peria koil is 19.5 feet in length. Breath of Thanjai peria koil nandhi 18.25 feet wide. The Weight of Thanjai peria koil Nandhi is about 25 tons and the stone is said to have come from a bed of Gneiss at the foot of Pachaimalai near Perambalur.

Tourist attractions with Thanjai peria koil\Specialities of Thanjai peria koil

Thanjavur big temple

Below given are some of the questions asked by most of the people on periya kovil from all around the globe.
It is the believed by most of the people that top Shikharam stone is made of a single stone, but now it has been found that it is not a single stone rather it is made up of eight small segments of stones, which is again definitely a great building work done by Cholas.

There is a tradition that the Nandhi is growing in size with the progress of time. It was feared it might become too large for the Mandapam erected over it and a nail was driven into the back of it, and since, its size has remained stationory. Two portrait statuesques on the front pillars of the Nandhi Mandapam are pointed out as those of Sevappanayakan (the first Nayak ruler) and of his son Achyutappa Nayak.
Now the latest technologies reveal that the sayings about growing Nandhi are false, and the Nandhi is not nailed at all.
It has been believed that the shadow of centre gopuram or centered temple does not fall on the ground, but it has been found that shadow of the temple actually falls on the ground, by the law of physics any matter's shadow should definitely fall on the opposite side surface.

Thanjai peria koil a symbol of Tamilnadu

Even though the Peruvudayar temple has lot of controversies, it is still one of the Tamil Nadu wonders, and it is the great monument that has to be preserved of proving the greatness of Tamil people and various kingdoms on ancient Tamil Nadu.


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