Rameshwaram Ramanathswamy Temple the famous tourist spot in Tamilnadu

Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu is a place where Ramanatha Swamy temple is located. It a very famous Shiva worship place. It is believed that Kasi-Rameshwaram round trip will free you out of all sins. Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu is bascially an Island.

Rameshwaram - Ramanathswamy Temple

Tamilnadu is definitely a place of divine with lots of temples. It is Tamil Nadu's greatest pleasure to have heard this quote, read as, "Thennadu udaiya Shivanae Potri!". In fact, Kasi is the most famous worship place of Lord Shiva, yet Shiva is associated with 'South India',out of which Tamil Nadu contributes to at least 80%.

Rameshwaram – Geography

Out of many worship places of Tamilnadu and temples of Tamilnadu one most interesting place is Ramanatha Swamy temple, located in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu. Rameshwaram, geographically is an island. It is located at a distance of around 592 Km from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is the utmost tip of the Indian Peninsula, after which you will reach Gulf of Mannar, the head of Srilanka. Rameshwaram is a very small town and remember? Rameshwaram is the birth place of Honorable Dr. Abdul Kalam. It is really an exciting experience to be there.

History of Ramanatha swamy Temple

Ramanatha Swamy Temple, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu , according to the Hindu Mythology is said to have been constructed for the Shiva Lingam that was worshipped by Lord Rama and Sita devi, after winning Ravanna, who seized Sita devi and flew away to Lanka. Rameshwaram is closely associated with Ramayana, a great Indian Epic. It is a belief that people who go to Rameshwaram and worship Ramanatha Swamy are blessed by both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. This concept unites two different catrgories in Hindu religions, the Shivates and Vaishnavites.

Rameshwaram - Island of Pleasure and mystique

When I called it as an Island, you must have assumed the place surrounded by seas. Of course it goes that way, but you might not have imagined the sea, you will find there. Exactly behind Rameshwaram temple, the ocean is of Shallow water type. Means, simply there are no waves in the ocean. I would like to refer that part of Rameshwaram as Australia or Brazil in Tamil Nadu. As you enter into the sea, you will feel no effects of entering a sea. You will be able to watch your feet beneath the water and will also give you crystal clear view of the pebbles that are found on the sea-floor. This will really excite you. Apart from a pilgrim place of Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, is definitely a touring spot in Tamil Nadu. You can literally walk to a distance of 0.5 KM into the sea and you will feel yourself walking through a Swimming pool and not an ocean. Also, when almost all the sea shores were affected by Tsunami in 2006, Rameshwaram did not experience even a single wave of Tsunami. Mystique, isn't it?


Dhanushkodi is named after the bow that Rama used to fight against Ravana and Save his wife, Sita devi. This is definitely one of the interesting places of Rameshwaram. In Dhanushkodi, as you stand at a specific point, to the left side of you, the ocean will have no waves (called the Female Ocean) and to the right you will find the ocean with waves (called as the Male Ocean). Standing at this place, one can really enjoy the uniqueness of Nature. The place that you stand is the meeting point of Male and Female seas. This is found at the tip of Dhanushkodi and from there, as you travel some 24 KM, via the sea you will reach Gulf of Mannar, Srilanka. It is also believed that Lord Rama built the Adams Bridge that connected Rameshwaram and Srilanka, with the help of Vannaras, from this particular point.

Awesome experience of traveling to Rameshwaram

Travelling to Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu is an awesome experience. From Ramanathapuram to Rameshwaram, travel is supposed to be over the Sea, since Rameshwaram is an Island. The famous Engineering Marvel that was built in Tamil Nadu decades ago, the Pamban bridge is via what the travel has to be made. The bridge is built on the ocean and it allows way for the ships that pass by, opening its two jaws. Over the bridge, railway track is laid. Travelling in the train over the ocean is a breath-taking as well as thrilling experience that all should experience at least once. Another bridge have been constructed recently to support the Roadway.

Ramanatha Swamy Temple – Important points

Location of Ramanatha swamy temple - Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu
Distance from Chennai to Rameshwaram - 592 KM
Main deity of Rameshwaram - Ramanatha Swamy (Lord Shiva)
Specialty of Ramanatha swamy temple - One of the Jothirlingams is located here and a trip to Kasi is not completed without visiting Rameshwaram.

Rameshwaram is a must visit place. Take a visit if you get a chance for sure!

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