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Anna University, Asia's No. 1 Technical University is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Anna University is proud to have affiliated around 400+ colleges in Tamil Nadu, which recently was sub-categorized as four major parts, each functioning at four major districts.

For this instance, we are going to look into the pattern of exams and preparatory cum presentation methods that we need to follow in any affiliated institutions of Anna University, Chennai.

Anna University Semester Exam Pattern

Any affiliated college that comes under Anna University is supposed to follow the pattern of examinations, that is governed by the Examination Center, leaded by the Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai. In the life span of 4 years of Engineering, an engineering student is supposed to write 8 semester exams which include various subjects as per the prescribed portions.

Year-wise concept of Engineering Syllabus

The first year Engineering studies is a general one, which involves basics sciences and one or two department subjects' basics.

The second year Engineering studies is when the student gets into his main stream of Engineering. Second year is a part where the students need to focus on the concepts rather than mugging up the syllabus for name sake. A student, who has very well understood the concepts in his second year, will have no fear of completing the other semesters and years.

In the third year Engineering studies, the student focuses of other areas, which also includes subjects other than his main stream. This is the time when he can understand concepts and learn the gist of many subjects, at least the basic principles, something other than his own stream. Say, if the preferred stream is Electrical and Electronics, the syllabus gives him much teachings on Electronics, rather than electrical as in the second year. This will help him to understand what he needs to understand to get placed in a good company.

In the fourth year Engineering studies, the student is supposed to apply whatever he has learned through all these years and make a project out of it. If the student is well aware of all the concepts that all the previous semesters have taught him, definitely he can make his project better.

This way, Anna University syllabus plans to mold a student into an engineer. Not only, this, Anna University has made it compulsory that the students of any stream it may be, should be compulsorily taken to Industries for Industrial Visit, once at least in every year. This will impart the student best practical knowledge and help him understand how theoretical concepts are applied practically.

Exam Preparatory Points of B.E/B.Tech

Some say it is psychological effect, some fate, some not enough preparation - for not getting good marks in exams. Let them be aside. To prepare for an Anna University exam, some points are really important.

Though we may expect qualified teachers to correct the exam papers, it does not happen all the time and moreover sometimes, the staff correcting the paper might not have enough time to look into the paper and read line by line. So, it depends on us to stimulate them to award more marks, even without reading the paper. Not only presentation, but preparation is also very important for this concept.

1. When you start studying, remember that your paper is not going to get valued line by line. Hence read the concept first and understand it better. You can do this faster than mugging up the entire question line by line.

2. Understand all the concepts and answers in Tamil and then translate it to English in the paper. This will give you better understanding and happiness in reading.

3. Important points are Laws, Rules which may constitute 3-4 lines out of a two paged answer. Learn them thoroughly.

4. When preparing equations, be sure to note the units and the explanation for the quantities used.

5. Draw and practice the Engineering diagrams on a paper rather than air.

6. Make sure you understand the question well before reading and the possibility of twisting the words for the same question and answer.

7. Study technical terms, technically.

8. Group discussions with friends are the best to understand concepts.

9. Guess the number of questions that can be asked from a unit before starting the preparation. This will also help you to guess out-of-portion questions which when attended will fetch you maximum marks.

10. Do quality studying than quantity studying.

Now you are prepared well. Remember, it does not really matter how much you have studied. What matters is "how you present your paper". Many of you, doing engineering under Anna University or affiliated Institutions, if I am right should have at least once thought, "Why is he getting more marks than me when he also did not read anything?" or "I read this paper well, but how did I fail?" – For all these, the answer is simple. Your presentation was not up to the mark.
Okay. How do you present the paper well?

Tips for Presenting an Exam Paper

1. Make sure you write the contents in points rather than paragraphs.

2. Draw as much as diagrams as possible. Remember, drawings can give your paper a very good impression rather than text.

3. Use black and blue colors only. Black to highlight important points and blue to write contents.

4. Use soft pens. Pens should not blot its ink on the paper, which will be highly irritating.

5. Remember to write appropriate sub-headings.

6. Necessarily, draw a line after every question.

7. Write legibly even if your hand writing is not good. Take enough space between words.

8. Write concepts clearly with black pen. If you are not sure of something, better don't highlight it.

9. Don't create any false expression in the paper.

10. Use mathematical concepts to explain equations clearly. Also explain the quantities with units.

With all these on the go and enough preparation, definitely you can secure more than 70% marks in all subjects.

All the best,

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