Adhisayam theme park Madurai, Tamilnadu

This article tells you how to manage your time when planning for a day in the Ahisayam theme park-Madurai.

Let me tell you how to utilize the structure of the Adhisayam theme park located in the temple city of Tamilnadu Madurai here.

Space walk in Adhisayam theme park

When you enter the Adhisayam theme park, you are invited by a thrill experience by the Space walk path where you will feel like the path getting upside down carrying us for a moment. This Space walk path extends for a couple of meters length. I am sure that everyone will feel excited with this welcome feature of the Adhisayam theme park. Adhisayam theme park has two major categorized parks namely Water park and Dry park

Water park of Adhisayam theme park

The water park of Adhisayam theme park is widely enlarged. This pleasant shower is designed to get us get of the thrill got from the Space walk and the same plays the role of giving the customer a perfect introduction about the total theme park. Yes, the shower gives us a pleasant shower with our family/friends. Since this shower has a good looking structure, this spot could give a good location to get memorable photos in our Adhisayam theme park album.

Sindhubath in Adhisayam theme park

Sindhubath in Adhisayam theme park covers a big wide area with pure water to have fun there. Sindhubath has so many by sections like Big splashing water bath, Ladder bath, and a high blowing waterfalls sample bath. The sindhu bath can be used as a place for giving swimming training for the children too. Features of the Sindhubath are, highly purified water, secured bath with the perfect co operation from the Staff of the park and long time entertaining pleasure.

Artificial water falls in Adhisaym theme park

The introduction of this feature in the Adhisayam theme park was the talk of the city once. An artificial water falls has been created here for delighting the customer. The pure water bath will be supplied with respect to the number of active current customers. That is, the water supply for this falls will be available when there are some customer's available to use it. Since the park will have more active customers during 10 AM to 11AM, this falls gets water supply in this time interval most probably.

Wave pool in Adhisayam theme park

If you want to spend the holy day with a sea shore area, then you may chose this theme park too in your consideration because, the artificial Wave pool of this theme park resembles exactly with a real sea. You can enjoy sea bath, sun bath and all the features you are enjoying with a real sea. Here too, the water supply for this artificial wave pool is limited. The wave pool will get the waves for a limited period. The waves will be generated with respect to the number of active customers.

Crazy river in Adhisayam theme park

This is another thrilling experience getting feature of Adhisayam theme park theme park. This river is just adjacent to the artificial river and the wave pool. Next one is crazy river side where we will have to ride on a snake body shaped path made up of plastic on the running water by sitting in the air balloon given to us as we are in Water Park.

Lazy river in Adhisayam theme park

After having a long time enjoyment with the crazy rivers, we may prefer to use this Lazy River to get some relaxation. We can get the floating balloons on the lazy river given for the Crazy River. Since the river has no deep for the sinking scare, this place can be a pleasant one for the parents with their children for a long time enjoyable relaxation.

Mat slides in Adhsayam theme park

The mat slides are the biggest entertaining structures of theme parks commonly. By the way the Adhisayam theme park has also lots f mat sliding games. Some sliding games are with high speed sliding and some are with slow movement sliding experience. To slide on the mats, the slider will be given a floating balloon for self safety and they will have to sit comfortably on the balloon by gripping the side handle of the balloon to avoid the accidents.

Dry park in Adhisayam theme park

We the customer can have time management for enjoying all the benefits of this theme park since it has lot of items to enjoy. After the lunch, we may manage to come out from the water park and enter into the dry park where the non water entertaining things are filled. Following are the entertaining things with the theme park that are most popular with all the theme parks is well.

2.Tora tora
3.Jumping frog
3.Swinging chair
4.Baby crazy river
5.The baby train
6.Dashing cars
7.Giant wheel
9.Air Fort
10.Science park

I would like to tell something about this science park since it is really a different informative item that cannot be seen in the other theme parks commonly. This theme park has live and practical scientific experiments, informative book indexes and some information about the scientists for educating the practical knowledge to the children.

This one should have come with the creative thinking of the management of the theme park. Because it is rare to see a science park in a theme park. This science park has the specimens to explain the students coming as the visitors about the basic operation of a mechanical motor, D.N.A structure, Table of the chemical elements, Law of cones, Principle of pendulums etc.,

Have good time management to enjoy all the features of this theme park.

Wish you happy summer trip to Adhisayam theme park-Madurai.

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