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What is the name given to the attack on Iraq by USA?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
What is the present name of the country once known as 'Gold Coast'?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
Which state became the 49th state of the United states on 3rd January 1959?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
What is the name of the missile that was successfully launched by India on 11th April 1999?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Who was the Indian Prime Minister at the time of formation of SAARC?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which is India's first research reactor which became operational in 1954?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which country in the world has highest newspaper circulation?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
Who was the first Governor General of Pakistan?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
Which India athlete is known as 'The Payyoli Express'?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
What is the name of the world's second largest ship? General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
Which African country is known as 'The nation of a thousand hills'?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
What is the name of the first animal born by cloning?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
Which country celebrates January 26 as a national day besides India?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
Which leader of the 'Black' in USA was stabbed to death by a woman?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
Which city in India is known as 'Cyber City'?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
On which festive day did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
What will happen in isolated system?PhysicsPhysics
Which one is the extensive property?PhysicsPhysics
Which state of India was anciently known as 'Kamarupa'?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Where is the headquarters of Air India situated?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which river is known as the life-line of North-East region?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which is the first metro rail service of India, which started in 1984-85?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which tennis player of India won the honour as the 'Peace messenger' of UNO?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which Indian Aeroplane company won the Air Transport World Market Development award 2011?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which Indian states are being accepted by California as friendly states?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Machael Ferreira is associated with which of the following games ?Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
A man has Rs. 480 in the denominations of one‐rupee notes, five‐rupee notes and ten‐rupee notes. The number of notes are equal. What is the total number of notes ?MathematicsMathematics
Srinagar is situated on the bank of the riverGeneral KnowledgeGeneral
Which of the following rivers does not form any delta at its mouth ?General KnowledgeGeneral
Which temple tower is in the government of Tamilnadu Emblem?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Where is Tirumalai Naickar Palace?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
The difference between 73% of a number and 58% of the same number is 960. What is 22% of the number ?Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
The avarage age of a man and his son is 54 years. The ratio of their age is 23:13 respectively. What will be ratio of their ages after 6 years ?Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
If the product of two successive positive integers is 3192, which is the smaller integer ?Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
38% of first Number is 52% of second number. What will the ration between first number and second number?Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
What should come in the place of Question Mark? 1 4 14 45 139 422 ? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
Conjunctivitis affects which part of the human body?General KnowledgeGeneral
Toxicology is related to the study ofGeneral KnowledgeGeneral
The speed of various motors is measured byGeneral KnowledgeGeneral
Who among the following authors is known for his satires exposing the evils of contemporary society?General KnowledgeGeneral
In which of the following regions Mahalwari System of Revenue Settlement was introduced?General KnowledgeGeneral
Where is the Botanical Survey of India headquartered?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which river is most important in terms of inland waterway?General KnowledgeGeneral
The Instrument of Instructions contained in the Government of India Act 1935 has been incorporated in the Constitution of India in the year 1950 asGeneral KnowledgeGeneral
Which of the following liquids has the least density?General KnowledgeGeneral
Which one of these is a communicable disease?General KnowledgeGeneral
The term Ecosystem was firstly used by?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
Which one among the following major Indian cities is most eastward located?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
The world Environment day is celebrated in General KnowledgeGeneral
As per the estimates given by asian development bank (ADB) the Indian economy will grow at which of the following rates in 2008?General KnowledgeGeneral

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