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Which one of the following is an alkaloid?ChemistryChemistry
Most widely found hetero atoms in hetero cyclic compounds areChemistryChemistry
E2 Elimination is ChemistryChemistry
Carbon compound with a negative charge on the Carbon is called ChemistryChemistry
"The geometry of transition state for that step resembles the side to which it is closer to free energy" was stated by.... ChemistryChemistry
For ideal gas activity equal to ChemistryChemistry
When pressure of Hydrogen is at 1000 atm its fugacity will beChemistryChemistry
Fugarity is represented by thermodynamic equationChemistryChemistry
Which one of following are called state variables?ChemistryChemistry
A system which is not uniform throughout is a ChemistryChemistry
The element which is more electro negative is ChemistryChemistry
Element which has highest electron affinity value is ChemistryChemistry
Ionization potential of type of electrons are in the following manner:ChemistryChemistry
The element having largest Atomic size is...ChemistryChemistry
While moving across left to right in the periodic table, the Atomic size...ChemistryChemistry
The Vijayanagara ruler, Krishnadeva Raya's work Amuktamalyada, was in General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Tripitakas are sacred books of General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Under Akbar, the Mir Bakshi was required to look after General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
The Battle of Plassey was fought in General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which temple tower is featuring in the Govt. of Tamil Nadu Emblem?General KnowledgeGeneral
A number is doubled and 9 is added.If the resultant is trebled,it becomes 75.What is that number?Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
When 24 is subtracted from a number,it reduces to its four-seventh.What is the sum of the digits of that number?Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
The difference between a number and its three-fifth is 50.what is the number?Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
Three-fourth of a number is 60 more than its one-third.The number is :Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
Three-fourth of a number is 60 more than its one-third.The number is :Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
Who is the president of india?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Find the average of all the numbers between 6 and 34 which are divisible by 5.Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
The average of first 50 natural number isAptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
The average of 7 cosecutive numbers is 20.The largest of these is:Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
DVD,CD-ROM,Hard Disk are the examples of what type of memory?Computer AwarenessBasic computer
Another name of LCD monitor is?Computer AwarenessBasic computer
What is the stands of NFC?Computer AwarenessAdvanced computer
What FAT does Windows XP use?Computer AwarenessAdvanced computer
What does TWAIN stands for?Computer AwarenessBasic computer
Which one is correct acronym of WiMAX?Computer AwarenessBasic computer
What is the IEEE standard of WiMAX?Computer AwarenessBasic computer
A train running at the speed of 60 km/hr crosses a pole in 9 seconds. What is the length of the train?Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
Which Letter follows the sequence? B F K Q ?Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude
The hour hand of a clock is 1 feet 6 inches. Find the distance moved by the tip in one hour.Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
Find the sum of the first 30 terms of the progression 5 + 8 + 11 + ....... Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
Find the position of 98 in the following series 3,8,13, ....Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
Find the Tenth Term of -5, -8,-11,Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
A polynomial having only one term is called aAptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
What percentage of workers worked 40 or more hours?Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
A car averages 40 miles per hour for the first 6 hours of a trip and averages 60 miles per hour for each additional hour of travel time. If the average speed for the entire trip is 55 miles per hour, how many hours long is the trip?Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
How many Integers between 100 and 150 inclusive, can be evenly divided by neither 3 nor 5?Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
The result obtained when X is multiplied by Y is equal to ten times the result obtained when Y is subtracted from X. if Y equals 5, what does X equal?Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
The owner of a Boutique decides to calculate the percentage of customers who purchase hats. If 40 percent of the store’s consumers decide to purchase items, and of those customers 15 percent purchase hats, what percent of the stores customers purchase hats?Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology is located at General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
The famous Dilwara Temples are situated in General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India

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