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S x T means ‘S’ is brother of ‘T’ and S + T means ‘S’ is father of ‘T’, which of the following shows ‘0’ is the cousin of ‘R’ ? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
If S — T means ‘5’ is the wife of ‘T’, S + T means ‘S’ is the daughter of ‘T’ and S ÷ T means ‘S’ is the son of ‘T’. What will M + J + K means? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
In a colony, each of the 20% families have two TV sets, 30% of the rest families have three TV sets. Each of the remaining families has one TV set. Which of the following statement is true’? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
In an examination if a student looses mark for the wrong answer and gets 1 mark for the correct answer. If he got 30 marks for solving54 questions, then how many questions were correct? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
If ‘P’ means ‘+‘, ‘Q’ means ‘—‘, ‘R means ‘x’ and ‘S’ means ‘÷‘ which of the following equation is not correct? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
If ‘+‘ means ‘x’, ‘—‘ means ‘÷‘, ‘x’ means f—’, and ‘÷‘ means ‘+‘, then what is the value of— 9 + 8 ÷ 8 – 4 x 9 Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
A boy used in a picture Blue colour for Red, Red for Yellow, Yellow for Green and Green for Blue. What will be the colour of leaves? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
A clock shows nine-half when seen in the mirror. What is the actual time? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
What is the angle between the two hands of clock when it is 7 : 30? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
Choose the correct number from the options? 015 : 00015: : 103:? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
In a code if Se ker he = hot good tea Pek cha ker = good thunder pure Nep cha he = fresh pure tea Then in the same code how ‘thunder tea’ will be written? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
If 854 = 12, 467 = 38, then 683 =? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
If a man writes ‘QDGFHS’ for ‘TIGHER’, then in this way what will be write for ‘MONKEY’? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
In a class of 50 students, 36 students study Mathematics and 28 study Biology. The number of students studying both Mathematics and Biology will be— Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
What is the value of— T + K – M ? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
In the following sequence there are how many such ‘6’ which are preceded by 8 and followed by 3? 7 8 6 3 2 7 1 8 6 8 9 8 6 1 8 6 3 1 8 Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
If it was Friday on 15th Aug. 2003, which day of the week will be on 15th Aug. 2005? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
Ashok starts to walk from the point P. He went 10 km towards North and 6 km toward South. After this he went 3 km towards East. How far is he now from P? Aptitude TestArithmetic reasoning
The ovule in which embryo sac become horse shoe shaped in: General KnowledgeGeneral
The specific characters of C4 plant is: General KnowledgeGeneral
The first reaction in photorespiration is: General KnowledgeGeneral
Deficiency of molybdenum causes: General KnowledgeGeneral
Embryo sac represents: General KnowledgeGeneral
Haploid plants can be obtained from: General KnowledgeGeneral
Law of limiting factor was given by: General KnowledgeGeneral
Thermal algae can live in: General KnowledgeGeneral
Chiropterophily is seen in: General KnowledgeGeneral
Development of saprophyte from gametophyte, is called General KnowledgeGeneral
The cell wall of both bacteria and cyanobactena contains: General KnowledgeGeneral
Chondriosome is discovered by: General KnowledgeGeneral
Endoplasmic reticulum remain in continuation with: General KnowledgeGeneral
Rubber is commercially obtained from: General KnowledgeGeneral
Haploid cells belong to: General KnowledgeGeneral
Stomata in bryophytes are present in the of: General KnowledgeGeneral
B-DNA is: General KnowledgeGeneral
. Ergot is obtained from: General KnowledgeGeneral
2-4-diphenoxyacetic acid is a: General KnowledgeGeneral
Photorespiration is related to: General KnowledgeGeneral
Cholodny-Went theory is connected with: General KnowledgeGeneral
Primary root is: General KnowledgeGeneral
Grafting is employed for better and quicker yield of varieties of: General KnowledgeGeneral
Hormone used in tissue culture for better growth is: General KnowledgeGeneral
Which is correct statement? General KnowledgeGeneral
Which of the following is correct regarding the barometer commonly used in homes to see weather indication? 1. It is called Furlin’s barometer and uses mercury. 2. It is called Furlin’s barometer and uses alcohol. 3. It is called aneroid barometer and uses mercury. General KnowledgeGeneral
Decibel is the unit used for General KnowledgeGeneral
Very small time intervals are accurately measured by the General KnowledgeGeneral
Kilowatt is a unit to measure General KnowledgeGeneral
If you swim one km, how many miles do you swim? General KnowledgeGeneral
Kilohertz is a unit which measures General KnowledgeGeneral
Fathom is the unit of ? General KnowledgeGeneral

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