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For the maturation of RBC the essential vitamin required is?ChemistryChemistry
Zwitter ion has?ChemistryChemistry
Compared to methyl amine, aniline is a/an?ChemistryChemistry
What is the product formed when phenyl hydroxylamine is rearranged?ChemistryChemistry
Identify the optically active compound?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following acids contains both a hydroxyl and carboxyl group?ChemistryChemistry
The acid present in beef is?ChemistryChemistry
Acetone on saturation with hydrogen chloride gives?ChemistryChemistry
When acetaldehyde reacts with Fehling's solution, the colour change is?ChemistryChemistry
Hexa methylene tetramine is used as an?ChemistryChemistry
The organic mixture used as a substitute for petrol is?ChemistryChemistry
Which compound has the least boiling point?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following acids does not contain-COOH group?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following metals does not form amalgams?ChemistryChemistry
Which one the following is an active component of clove oil?ChemistryChemistry
The most reactive among the halogens is?ChemistryChemistry
A compound possesses 8% sulphur by mass. The least molecular mass isChemistryChemistry
Substance is found to contain 7% nitrogen. The minimum molecular weight of it isChemistryChemistry
The relative abundance of two isotopes of atomic weight 85 and 87 is 75% and 25% respectively. The average atomic weight of elements isChemistryChemistry
Haemoglobin contains 0.33% of iron by weight. The molecular weight of haemoglobin is approximately 67200. The number of iron atoms(at. Wt. of Fe=56) present in one molecule of haemoglobin isChemistryChemistry
The atomic weights of two elements A and B are 40 and 80 respectively. If X g of A contains Y atoms, how many atoms are present in 2x g of B?ChemistryChemistry
The units nanometer, fermi, angstrom and attometre arranged in decreasing order are expressed asChemistryChemistry
Four one-litre flasks are separately filled with the gases hydrogen, helium, oxygen and ozone at the same room temperature and pressure. The ratio of total number of atoms of these gases present in the different flasks would beChemistryChemistry
Calculate the correct value of significant figures in 7.24-14.432/3.0ChemistryChemistry
An aqueous solution of 6.3g oxalic acid dehydrate is made upto 250 ml., The volume of 0.1 N NaOH required to completely neutralize 10 mL of this solution isChemistryChemistry
Which has maximum number of atoms?ChemistryChemistry
3 g of an oxide of a matal is converted to chlorde completely and it yielded 5 g of chloride. The equivalent weight of the metal isChemistryChemistry
The highest electrical conductivity of the following aqueous silution is ofChemistryChemistry
A mixture of ethyl alcohol and propyl alcohol has a vapour pressure of 290 mm Hg at 3000 K. The vapour pressure of propyl alcohol is 200 mm Hg. If the mole fraction of ethyl alcohol is 0.6 its vapour pressure at the same temperature will beChemistryChemistry
Among the following mixtures, dipole-dipole as the major interaction, is present inChemistryChemistry
Equmolar solution in the same soluvent haveChemistryChemistry
Two solution of a substance are mixed in the following manner, 480 mL of 1.5 first solution + 520 mL of 1.2 M second solution. What is the molarity of the final solution?ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following statement is false?ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following liquid pairs shows a positive deviation from Raoult's law?ChemistryChemistry
If liquids A and B form an ideal solutionChemistryChemistry
A pressure cooker reduces cooking time for food becauseChemistryChemistry
Identify the correct statement regarding a spontaneous processChemistryChemistry
In the enthalphy change or a reaction does not depend uponChemistryChemistry
Which of the following hydrogen bonds is the strongest?ChemistryChemistry
The number and type of bonds between two carbon atms in calcium carbide areChemistryChemistry
Based on lattice energy and other considerations which one of the following alkali metal chlorides is expected to have the highest melting point?ChemistryChemistry
Lattice energy of an ionic compound depends uponChemistryChemistry
Which of the following sets of quantum numbers represents the highest energy of an atom?ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following statement in relation to the hydrogen atom is correct?ChemistryChemistry
In a multi electron atom, which of the following orbitals described by the three quantum numbers will have the same energy in the absence of magnetic and electric fields?ChemistryChemistry
Consider the ground state of Cr atom (Z = 24). The numbers of electrons with the azimuthal quantum numbers, l = 1 and 2 are, respectivelyChemistryChemistry
Which of the following sets of quantum numbers is correct for an electron in 4f orbital?ChemistryChemistry
In Bohr series of lines of hydrogen spectrum, the third line from the red end correspond to wich one of the following inter-orbit jumps of the electron for Bohr orbits in atom of hydrogen?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following statements is not true about the effect of an increase in temperature on the distribution of molecular speeds in a gas?ChemistryChemistry
In van der Waals equation of state of the gas law, the constant b is a measure ofChemistryChemistry

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