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When petroleum is heated the residue left behind is ChemistryChemistry
The main constituent of natural gas is ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following fuel is called a secondary fuel?PhysicsPhysics
Which of the following vitamins is soluble in water?BiologyGeneral
The energy value of food is measured in units calledBiologyGeneral
Iodine solution turns blue-black when placed on food containingBiologyGeneral
Complete proteins contain all the essentialBiologyGeneral
A carbohydrate that cannot be digested by human isBiologyGeneral
The particles which make up the nucleus of an atom are calledPhysicsPhysics
The sun's energy is powered by the fission ofPhysicsPhysics
Isotopes of two elements containPhysicsPhysics
The radiations emitted by a 100 Watt bulb areGeneral KnowledgeGeneral
The time taken by light to reach us from the sun is aboutGeneral KnowledgeGeneral
Earthquakes measuring above x on Ritcher scale cause wide spread damages, where x is General KnowledgeGeneral
The life bearing region of the earth system is calledGeneral KnowledgeGeneral
Our earth including its solar system are situated in a galaxy calledGeneral KnowledgeGeneral
The patterns of stars in a galaxy are classified intoGeneral KnowledgeGeneral
Minerals is composed ofBiologyGeneral
The deficiency of which of the following causes anemia?BiologyGeneral
Simple goitre is cause by the deficiency ofBiologyGeneral

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