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Which of the following vitamins is soluble in water?BiologyGeneral
The energy value of food is measured in units calledBiologyGeneral
Iodine solution turns blue-black when placed on food containingBiologyGeneral
Complete proteins contain all the essentialBiologyGeneral
A carbohydrate that cannot be digested by human isBiologyGeneral
Minerals is composed ofBiologyGeneral
The deficiency of which of the following causes anemia?BiologyGeneral
Simple goitre is cause by the deficiency ofBiologyGeneral
Which one of the following is a natural scavenger of ecosystem?BiologyGeneral
The phenomenon which wiped out the earth clear of its earlier history is calledBiologyGeneral
How many continents make Pangea?BiologyGeneral
Which one of the following causes ozone hole?BiologyGeneral
Which one of the following constituent varies with altitude?BiologyGeneral
Which one of the following causes AIDS?BiologyGeneral
Cataract comes under which one of the following?BiologyGeneral
Which one of the following causes organic diseases?BiologyGeneral
Which one of the following is a fungal disease?BiologyGeneral
Which one of the following is not related to Green house effect?BiologyGeneral
Which among the following causes food poisoning?BiologyGeneral
Which among the following causes Malaria?BiologyGeneral
What do you call the practice of growing the same crop on the same land?BiologyGeneral
Ozone layer is essential because it absorbs most of which of he following?BiologyGeneral
Free oxygen came into the atmosphere with the evolution ofBiologyGeneral
Which combination of gases form acid rain?BiologyGeneral
What is the general name of Halitosis?BiologyGeneral
Which vitamin occurs in nature in two forms - retinol and dehydroretinol?BiologyGeneral
Serotonin is a fluid that is secreted in Pituitary gland and it is responsible for BiologyGeneral
The organ which is formed from the same type of cells as that of brain is?BiologyGeneral
During gastrulation a new cavity called archenteron is created by the?BiologyGeneral
In amphioxus, the second cleavage is at right angle to the first, and it is at the?BiologyGeneral
Cleavage in isolecithal egg is called as?BiologyGeneral
In mammalian egg, the follicular cells are held together by a cementing substance, called?BiologyGeneral
Which layer will peel off when the oocyte of mammal passes down the oviduct?BiologyGeneral
Name the primary egg membrane of mammal?BiologyGeneral
Which one of the following helps in the penetration of the sperm into the egg?BiologyGeneral
Conversion of spermatid into functional sperm is known as?BiologyGeneral
The Rh-antigen that is responsible for haemolytic disease of the new born is?BiologyGeneral
If RBC's of a person have antigens A and B his serum will have?BiologyGeneral
The occurrence of more than two alleles in a population at the same locus in the chromosome is called as?BiologyGeneral
The most stable ecosystem isBiologyGeneral
Stratification is more common inBiologyGeneral
Tropical forests are denser due to BiologyGeneral
Who proposed the term ecosystem?BiologyGeneral
Savannahs areBiologyGeneral
Pyramid of energy (in a forest/pond ecosystem) is BiologyGeneral
Path of energy flow in an ecosystem isBiologyGeneral
Which is correct food chain in grassland?BiologyGeneral
Mycorrhiza is an example ofBiologyGeneral
Rhizobium bacteria and root nodules of Pea have an association calledBiologyGeneral
Competition is the most severe between twoBiologyGeneral

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