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Which is a metabolic disease?BiologyZoology
The large size of a female gamete is BiologyZoology
The spermia in male are produced in enormous number. so asBiologyZoology
The primordial germ cells make their appearance fromBiologyZoology
Even before there is differentiation of an embryo into or female, certain large cells, quite different from their neighbours, segregate. These are calledBiologyZoology
Perpetuation of a race continues from parent to offspring in this world. The way to this isBiologyZoology
Generally the gametes are disease free in human being or even in other animals asBiologyZoology
Cells in the body which take no direct part in the production of gametes ate calledBiologyZoology
The gametes and the cells which makes them collectively is calledBiologyZoology
The reproductive cells which unite to initiate the development of a new individual are calledBiologyZoology
What is known as the birth canal?BiologyZoology
The size of human fertilized ovum or zygote is BiologyZoology
The stydy of different drawings and explanations of the structural features of embryos of various ages is calledBiologyZoology
The cell theory was first formulated byBiologyZoology
The theory of germ layers in embryos was first proposed byBiologyZoology
Spallanzaini and Wolff are known in the science of embryology as they demonstrated thatBiologyZoology
Mammalian follicle was first described byBiologyZoology
The human sperm was first seen byBiologyZoology
Fertilization, Embryological development infancy, child hood, adolescence, maturity and old age are all included inBiologyZoology
The study of growth and differentiations undergone by an organism in the course of its development from a single fertilized egg cell into a highly complex and independent living being like its parents is calledBiologyZoology
Osma regulation meansBiologyZoology
The fluid tissue blood consists ofBiologyZoology
Heart beat in frog is controlled byBiologyZoology
Cellular sexual dimorphism can be detected by the presence or absence ofBiologyZoology
Teeth are present in frog on:BiologyZoology
The innermost layer of the epidermis in the skin of mammals is known as:BiologyZoology
Foetus is the embryo of:BiologyZoology
Zoogeography is the study of:BiologyZoology
The cup like socket in the pelvic girdle is known as:BiologyZoology
The biomass of the living organisms of the food chain at a given time in the ecosystem form a pyramid of:BiologyZoology
Placenta in mammals secrets the hormone known as:BiologyZoology
In large cities with heavy traffic, due to pollution by combustion of fuels, a layer of cloud ways over the crowded areas. This cloud is calledBiologyZoology
The carly division of a zygote is termed as :BiologyZoology
Biological control is a process of involving :BiologyZoology
Protection to the embryo is provided by:BiologyZoology
The chief difference between zooplankton and nekton is that:BiologyZoology
The largest invertebrate is 6m long and belongs to the phylum Mollusca. Mark the correct answer.BiologyZoology
Auditory recepotors in cockroach are:BiologyZoology
Human Bone consist of which compounds?BiologyZoology
Little termites can live upto ?BiologyZoology
Horse can live upto ?BiologyZoology
The life span of rat is ?BiologyZoology
Pearls are extracted from which animals ?BiologyZoology
Which of these animals live for 90 years ?BiologyZoology
The maximum age of the sheep ?BiologyZoology
The snake which has longest fangsBiologyZoology
Tube feet is the locomotary organ ofBiologyZoology
The process of transformation of a larva into an adult is calledBiologyZoology
Dicondylic skull with 10 pairs of cranial nerves is found inBiologyZoology

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