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I told him that if he had remained me earlier, I __________the payment.EnglishGrammer
By the time I reached the theatre, all the tickets___________EnglishGrammer
They should be here by now. They ________got lost.EnglishGrammer
If I am lete, I______________be able to attend the meeting.EnglishGrammer
Is Delhi your home town? yes, I ________born here.EnglishGrammer
I want to give them a surprise, so don't tell them, ________?EnglishGrammer
The majesty of snow-covered peaks____________an unforgettable experience.EnglishGrammer
It _______that the Earth rotates around the sun.EnglishGrammer
He would like his employees___________ on time.EnglishGrammer
The neighbours will not let their son play with Suresh.What could Suresh ______ to deserve that?EnglishGrammer
One of the four sentences contains some type of grammatical error. Find the incorrect sentence.EnglishGrammer
One of the four sentences contains some type of grammatical error. Find the incorrect sentence.EnglishGrammer
One of the four sentences contains some type of grammatical error. Find the incorrect sentence.EnglishGrammer
Preposition: Sometimes we have to put ________ with irksome or unpleasant situationsEnglishGrammer
Preposition: India is committed __________ a policy of peaceful existenceEnglishGrammer
Preposition: She was a devoted wife and looked _________ her husbandEnglishGrammer
Preposition: I am ready to say this _______ her faceEnglishGrammer
Preposition: There is no exception _________ this ruleEnglishGrammer
Preposition: In the morning I simply take a glance _________ the newspaper headlinesEnglishGrammer
Preposition: The mother was concerned _________ the safety of her childEnglishGrammer
Preposition: It is dangerous to enter ___________ the enemy’s campEnglishGrammer
Preposition: He has suffered heavy losses, yet he was rolling ________ wealthEnglishGrammer
Preposition: Your conducts smacks ________ recklessnessEnglishGrammer
Preposition: Pakistan is not enamored ___________ the bomb for its own sakeEnglishGrammer
Preposition: Such remarks are certainly derogatory _________ your reputationEnglishGrammer
Preposition: She could not dissociate herself __________ what she said earlierEnglishGrammer
Preposition: My voice reverberated __________ the walls of the castleEnglishGrammer
Preposition: Give an example pertinent _________ the caseEnglishGrammer
Preposition: He had to repent ________ what he had doneEnglishGrammer
Preposition: He was advised to abstain __________ all alcoholic drinksEnglishGrammer
Preposition: The boys looked _________ the old kites maker _________ the same indifference as they showed ______ the shoe makerEnglishGrammer
Preposition: My uncle was afflicted ________ a serious illness and was almost confined ______ bed ________ more than two monthsEnglishGrammer
Preposition: A good judge never jumps __________ the conclusionEnglishGrammer
Preposition: President Saddam Hussain has lived ___________ the gun all his lifeEnglishGrammer
Preposition: The peasant refused to grovel _________ the feet of this masterEnglishGrammer
Tenses: She _____ since morning and now she wants to take restEnglishGrammer
Tenses: The teacher _____ the class for two hours when the principal cameEnglishGrammer
Tenses: My birthday _____ on a tuesday next yearEnglishGrammer
Tenses: A thief _____ into our house last nightEnglishGrammer
Tenses: Sujata _____ to her college on MondayEnglishGrammer
Tenses: I _____ a beautiful movie last weekEnglishGrammer
Tenses: This house belongs to my father-in-law. He _____ another house alsoEnglishGrammer
Tenses: The river _____ in the mountains and falls into the oceanEnglishGrammer
Tenses: His brother is going to pay for his education. After a few years, he _____ abroadEnglishGrammer
Tenses: My mother gets up at half past five every morning and _____ for a walkEnglishGrammer
Tenses: It was a difficult moment and I _____ what to doEnglishGrammer
Tenses: Yesterday a green line bus _____ over a beggar who was crossing the roadEnglishGrammer
Tenses: One day my son _____ a piece of goldEnglishGrammer
Tenses: His uncle _____ here tomorrowEnglishGrammer
Tenses: My grandfather normally _____ a walking stick but today he is without itEnglishGrammer

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