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Which one of the following is an alkaloid?ChemistryChemistry
Most widely found hetero atoms in hetero cyclic compounds areChemistryChemistry
E2 Elimination is ChemistryChemistry
Carbon compound with a negative charge on the Carbon is called ChemistryChemistry
"The geometry of transition state for that step resembles the side to which it is closer to free energy" was stated by.... ChemistryChemistry
For ideal gas activity equal to ChemistryChemistry
When pressure of Hydrogen is at 1000 atm its fugacity will beChemistryChemistry
Fugarity is represented by thermodynamic equationChemistryChemistry
Which one of following are called state variables?ChemistryChemistry
A system which is not uniform throughout is a ChemistryChemistry
The element which is more electro negative is ChemistryChemistry
Element which has highest electron affinity value is ChemistryChemistry
Ionization potential of type of electrons are in the following manner:ChemistryChemistry
The element having largest Atomic size is...ChemistryChemistry
While moving across left to right in the periodic table, the Atomic size...ChemistryChemistry
When petroleum is heated the residue left behind is ChemistryChemistry
The main constituent of natural gas is ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following is not shown by yellow phosphorus?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following allotropes of phosphorus is most stable?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following properties is shown by a non-metal?ChemistryChemistry
The oxides of very reactive metals are reduced to metals by which one of the following?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following does not react with sulphuric acid?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following properties is not shown by metals?ChemistryChemistry
Lava is formed on the surface of the earth due to Which one of the following process?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following metals replaces copper from sulphate?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following is associated with sulphur extraction?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following is associated with Hall's process?ChemistryChemistry
Which is the chief ore of iron?ChemistryChemistry
The process of smelting is associated with extraction of which among the below?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following is a non-metal and also a liquid?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following is a non-metal?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following forms an acidic oxide?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following is used for white washing?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following is a main constituent of baking powder?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following alloy does not contain zinc?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the below occurs in free state?ChemistryChemistry
Who made the first attempt to explain the behaviour of gases mathematically with respect to changing pressure and temperature?ChemistryChemistry
What is the chemical name of saltChemistryChemistry
The gas which makes one to laugh i.e. laughing gas is ChemistryChemistry
Name the disease which is caused by the toxic effects of copper.ChemistryChemistry
The empirical formula of an acid is CH2O2, the probable molecular formula of acid may beChemistryChemistry
Vapour density of a gas is 22. What is its molecular mass?ChemistryChemistry
In the following reaction, which choice has value twice that of the equivalent massof the oxidising agent SO2 + H2O Gives 3S + 2H20ChemistryChemistry
Assuming full decomposition , the volume of CO2 released at STP on heating 9.85 g of BaCO3(At. mass Ba = 137)will beChemistryChemistry
The hydrogen phosphate of certain metal has formula MHPO4. The formula of metal chloride would beChemistryChemistry
The total number of gm-molecules of SO2Cl2 in 13.5g of sulphury l chloride isChemistryChemistry
The nucleus of a hydrogen atom consists of how many Photons?ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following gases is called 'Laughing Gas'?ChemistryChemistry
High altitude aircraft components are made from?ChemistryChemistry
Vanaspathi is prepared from oils by the reaction called?ChemistryChemistry

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