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"Yathra" is one of the best means to spread out certain values. The Yathra of Shri. Adwani will do some impact. What is your view> (0 votes)John Bosco28 Oct 2011
Who will be the next Prime Minister? (0 votes)John Bosco14 Oct 2011
Life After Death (4 votes)John Bosco08 Sep 2010
Global warming is accelerated due to (1 votes)John Bosco06 Sep 2010
Which party stands high in your analysis? (0 votes)John Bosco02 Sep 2010
The film producers with the help of the actors and actress play a major roll in developing the society. (2 votes)John Bosco30 Aug 2010
What could be the better tool for reaching out more people? (4 votes)John Bosco14 Aug 2010
Whose company is sought after? (4 votes)John Bosco14 Aug 2010
Luck shall work with those who work hard with perseverance. (1 votes)John Bosco11 Aug 2010
The nobility of Tamilans are due to their (3 votes)John Bosco11 Aug 2010
Tamilians are appreciated world wide for their (2 votes)John Bosco11 Aug 2010
Will Mr. Karunanidhi continue to be in politics in the next term? (2 votes)John Bosco18 Jul 2010

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