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    For 21-18 age Person required/Important

    For 21-18 age Person required/Important
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    Hi Udayakumar,
    It is nice question. In human's life there are several stages. In that one is 18 years – 21 years. This is the crucial turning point stage for everyone. We enter in to college or any other institutions for our higher studies at this stage only.

    We get lots of new friends from many cities with different habits and nature. When we are exposed to all of these, we will be in a confused state which is right or wrong. Hence any one of our well wishers advice is most essential at this stage. Because many will not listen what parents are telling. So well wishers part is more in that age.

    If we listen we will be in good position in future, Or we will not guess how we will be?

    Ravikumar C

    Born for Greater Things.

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    U DAY its UR DAY- Happy & Enjoy

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    hello Udhayakumar,

    yes,its very true in everybody's life,this period is very important and crucial.

    It can be neither called as childhood nor adolescent stage.

    Whatever decisions we take on our own may not be totally right nor wrong as we lack experience and we tend to be very adamant to accept the situation and get adjusted according to the surroundings.

    Also,we will not listen to our parents words,so advice by them goes waste.

    Well wishers mainly will be from our relations side and they will indirectly stress our parents decisions only

    But you forgot to add an important member that is FRIEND,ya by 18 we might have atleast one friend who knows completely about us.

    Provided they are good ones and had already made you to take up some good moves in your life,u can rely on them till the final breath of your life.

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    Uday Kumar it seems you are new member here. Please give a apt title header so that we can respond more correctly and quickly. In future please post good threads so that you can get good replies too.

    Regarding this post, age 18 to 21 is the turning point life in any body. Good jobs and even marraige proposals start coming at these ages as you look handsome in looks and good earnings too.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Parents and teachers are main advisers in this stage.Sometimes parents also do not know what to do?At his stage we can approach our teachers or elders with experience.Friends may be useful in some cases but fully depending to the friends is not advisable

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    hi its true to every one's life great quest urs fine

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