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    Most of the Schools and colleges are selling papers and books but not knowledge

    The key factor for starting an educational institution is to have a constant in flow of Money.The admission to educational institutes are always in demand for the growing population.

    Do the schools and colleges do their duty of knowledge sharing...?
    Absolutely not.Those who provide education for knowledge are countable in this generation.They sell books ,uniforms,labcoats,notes Q A....etc.. but not the knowledge ......For what purpose they sell ?only to earn money...
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    Hi friend,
    You have absolutely caught a point.This is the objective of most of the schools.They are keeping their aim to increase the annual income in the name of fees and reducing the annual income of parents.
    But some countable schools are doing their best to excel their students to get state ranks and they are always repeatedly doing this.
    Some of the teachers are very dedicated in very odd schools.The proper educational facilities and the coaching of the schools should be checked periodically by a team of educationalists.

    with regards,

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    What you said was correct because nowadays many schools and colleges are arising in many areas. If one person has some money, they he can build a college or school and they are collecting so much of money in the name of fees and donation. Only very few schools are serving for the right purpose of education.

    As said by Arul, an expert term should be formed to monitor the fees, educational facilities which are offered in schools and colleges. Also, these expert team should perform their work properly.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Hai Sumathi

    Nowadays the education is becoming like a business. There only less people doing this education career as a service. Their vision is to give complete knowledge. More over they are not money minded.

    People doing this thins mentioned by you are using education system only for making money. They can not give the basic facility sufficiently to the students. They put all the money in their pocket.


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    Hi Friends

    I will agree to your points to an extent, but think otherwise too.

    Every year people working in other setors get increments and people keep hoping jobs for higher salary and companies also try to make huge profits to accomodate their pays as well grow their profit.

    Now relate the above point to this, if you are teacher will you not like to get higher pay or will you not join other institue which offers you higher salary and will institues not try to make more money to retain you.

    Again I am not saying what they do is right, it's just a thought of mine.


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    yes, Everyone want to earn money, they cannot give books, labcoats without money but they can reduce the money, me also final year engineering students, In my college and some other colleges, they collecting 10,000 rupees for books, this is not reasonalble price for books, So we have to complaint about these type of institutions.


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