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    Indian education system compare to United Kingdom
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    Hai prabhu

    Indian Education system is the best when compare to others


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    Indian educational system educated higher costs only.It put lower costs people apart from education.They were banned from education.According to vedas and manu they were to be be punished if they heard vedas in their hears .
    Ekalaiva was punished as he was better than Arjuna in the art of archery as his natural profession was archery, while Arjuna was the king of plain whereas Ekaliva the leader of forest people. He was warned to vacate forest with his people from their forest or otherwise give Ekaliva 's thumb .The ekaliva chose the second as he was a good leader.

    Rama killed a low caste youth when he was on in tabas which was prohibited to his caste.Gurukulas only taught the Brahmins and sons of kings and his officers 'only.Then landlords were taught .

    now who have money only could get a good education.Thus it, the education, was occupied by the people who controlled the society and it continues nowadays also in other forms.So well to do occupies all the higher posts of power and poors are left with manual works or lower posts that are to assist higher posts.

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