Rs.280 Lac Crores deposits with SWISS BANK A/c

Mr.Pankaj Singla of etaxindia say that Indian Rupees 280lacs crores are lying in Swiss Bank A/c as deposit by our several corrupted Indians. Indian politicians are making the Indian public fool and do not want any law / system to bring the money back to India and utilize the same for welfare of our Nation and to make our Nation as top most developed country in the world. Even the German Government willing to share the information with Indian Government the details of Swiss a/c but our Indian Government did't replied / responded to it. Do the Indian public have courage to punish the corrupted politicians / Businessman or ready to make collective voice to alert the politicians. We are self staisfied people and not even try to write the wrong doings of daily life. Each election, we have cheated with new welfare programm for "Aam Admi or India shining" with several freebie by treating the public as a beggar and publishing that the scheme is meant for Poor only as long as poors are there. Why don't we understand that the corrupted politicans are making us poor. They are not giving from their own sources of money for welfare scheme, it is collected from the revenue of Direct/Indirect Taxes from Indian public with tax revision each year. Most of the welfare schemes are mis-used by authorities/middle man. We have plenty of latest Technologies, Media and Briliant peoples, best resources in India. But non of them useful to teach the corrupted Indians. If you read the recent news shows that all top level Indians are coming with corruption charges in each and every filed, whether it is corporate or Governement and even they have not spared the Supreme Court. I feel it is a shame for all Indians, if the top most Indian law itself is in corruption charge and whom we have to trust? What direction our country is moving? We don't have time to think / make voice because we are running for our own/selfish style of life, no brotherhood nor bothered for others. We are in the fast moving phase but where we are moving with this fast...Oh God help us with your miracle power, if you are not with this corrupted people.