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    Updated Criteria - Member of the Day (MOD) award in Tamilspider - Win Rs 50 Everyday

    Happy New Year to all members of Tamilspider

    Tamilspider is gradually growing faster and faster and we got the ad sense revenue around 450$ this time. I believe this could not be achieved without you people.

    I have a good news for the active members in Tamilspider. We are introducing a new award called Member of the Day (MOD). The member can get Rs.50 as award under this scheme. The minimum eligibility is that member should get minimum of 95 points with at least 3 resources a day. We will announce the winner everyday. Members, who already won, are also eligible to win in coming days as well.

    Important Note: Each member will get Cash and Points for each and every Article posted. Per day 3 articles will come up to 90 articles by the end of the month. So, if you post total of 90 good articles and get Rs.10 for each (May be more); then you will end up by getting Rs. (90 X 10) + Rs. (50 X 30) + + Amount you earn be posting in business directory and other means = Rs. 900 + Rs. 1500 + Amount you earn be posting in business directory and other means. And don't forget, you will get partnership share too.

    All the best wishes to all members and visitors.

    Updated Criteria - 1 : The members are required to write specific topics mentioned every week. We will give current hot topics(6) every week and we expect him to to write any any 2 out of 3 compulsory resources. This can increase the site value and your personal earnings. These resources on the particular mentioned topic will be valued high.

    Post your feedback.
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    Hello TSR members,

    It is a great announcement in this New year 2011. Right from today everyone will be trying to receive The Member of the Day (MOD) award in Tamilspider. Because of the eligibility conditions with minimum three resources per day will fill our TSR Recourses section. Previously we compete for monthly. Now daily competition looks like twenty – twenty match.

    Getting minimum of 95 points a day is a easy thing when we concentrate on good resources. I wish all the members of TSR to take a active participation in MOD award programme. I too will try to contribute from my side with good resources.

    Ravikumar C
    Born for greater things.

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    Hello Siyaram,
    Its simple,if two members cross the the eligibility criteria, award will be given to person who scores more points. If two members have the same points, winner will be decided by the number of posts and quality of posts.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Hello Kranthi Kiran

    Wish You a Very Happy New Year. Actually we missed you right here for some days. But you, today have come up with such a spectacular thread, which we didn't expected.

    I was in a great curiosity and in a thought what would be our next modifications after our successful revenue share schemes. For that you have simply given us a treat on this New Year.

    Hope and I am sure, it would be welcomed by everyone on TSR and I am sure with these earnings as you have explained, our top earners list going to be filled with so many members. Thanks for your innovative idea.

    All the best my friends, do well and grab the earnings soon.



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    Hi Kranthi,

    This is indeed a very good award started by you all. Ths is a very good opportunity for everybody to improve their writting skills as well as earn a few bucks.
    Also I want to suggest one thing that.Since this has became very big and popular, it had been observed that, the resources or other posts lie as it is, for time more than it actually should. Also with this new contest, more and more resources will be posted.

    So I think the need of the hour is new editors. I am ready to act as one, if you think I am capable of it.

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    Hello Vimal,
    Regarding the need of editors, w'll definitely take one if case if we need.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Initiating such good awards are always welcome. But consistency of members who want to score daily matters. Lets see how the members fare now.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Hi Kranthi,

    Really the new scheme " Memberr Of the Day(MOD)" will be very useful for all the active members like me. This new announcement will improve the posting capacity of articles & resources with good money making concept. As Active member, I assure you that we will give our full support and co-operation to you.

    Further, We assure you that we are all always stand behind you to the support of your decision and action which is taken by you.

    I wish u Happy New Year. All the Best.

    With regards,

    Active Member,TSR.

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    Hi forum,
    Now I think that rather than having the minimum eligiblity as 95 points is good but posting 3 resources doesn't invites many members. Hence we could have the points as 95 points but the removing the criteria of posting 3 resources would invite more members to get actively participated.

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful.

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    Dear members,

    It is indeed an unique concept that exists in TSR. Great thinking behind it. I appreciate the efforts of the Webmaster and I congratulate the members who won the award so far including the Webmaster of TSR.

    My best wishes.

    Your Co-passenger - Satish.
    Water depth is Lotus's height; Mental Strength is men's merit - Thirukkural.

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