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    Which Bad Character you will romove in 2011.

    What Bad Habit you will remove form your character in this New year 2011?
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    Basically I am a good person but I have some Bad habits such as saying lies and copying in the exams and cheating the teachers, but these are all the behaviours of a student of Tamilnadu. However from this new year I would try to reduce some of these habits and things are not wrong if we don't think it as wrong. So lets enjoy this new year with prosperity and happiness. Happy New Year to all my TSR buddies.

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful

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    Hi Siyaram,

    Everyone is good in this world; Situations are making them to do the things. I appreciate your open minded statement. It is not only the behaviours of Tamilnadu students, everywhere it is there. Accepting their mistakes and correcting them is a Great thing. So in this New year 2011 you are going to do the Great Thing.
    Enjoy this New Year 2011.

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    Hi Ravikumar

    Wish You a Happy New Year. Regarding this thread, basically I am too sensitive and I can't tolerate lies and getting fooled by others. When anybody does so, I just got upset and immediately I show my angriness to them and I would tell them directly on face or just avoid them for ever. Then later I would think, why I did like that and all. I am too expressive not able to hide my feelings back. This I am trying to avoid. Let me hope I would do it at least here after.

    Thanks for coming up with this thread. Have a Splendid New Year.



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    Hello Sowmya,

    A Happy and flourishing New Year 2011 Greeting to You and your family members . I think god and friend will give you a solid support to develop such skill. Maximum time I follow this, Let their ego satisfy. That's all. This is a simple principle we can follow very easily. Then there will be no problem from anyone. Try to control your anger and always smile at others. When you get angry just you remember any of your favourite comedy, you will see the difference. Life is too short. Within that we need many. You will fell this year as a wealthy, healthy and a fantastic year in your life.

    May God bless you and your family.

    Ravikumar C
    Born for Greater things.

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    Analysing self every day night before going to the bed is always good. After all we are human beings and bound to make mistakes. But make mistakes but do not commit same mistakes. Mistakes can be pardoned but same mistakes irritate others and self too. The year 2010 has gone and we have to retrospect the issues that failed us and take corrective steps to move further.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Dear Mr.Ravi Kumar

    First of all accept my new greetins to you and all of your family members. I really appreciate your views/opnions on how to remove the bad habits and it is the correct way to lead a peaceful life in the fast moving world. I fervently hope your points will reach all of our members in TSR and will help them to overcome from the bad habits. Though it is difficulty to remove the EGO but by practice, we can make everything possible.

    With best regards:

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    Thanks Ravikumar. This new year is not being a good year for me alone but it is going to be a good year for all of us. Let us always think good and be good.

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful.
    Puthandu Nal Vazhthukkal.

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    Hi Guys,

    new year wishes to u all.. Hope this year is going to be bright for everyone.

    I am a short tempered person and i would like to reduce my temper atleast this year. Hope for follow is as much as i can.


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    Hello Madhukar,

    Welcome to Tamilspider and wish you a happy new year. I appreciate your genuineness for accepting you are a short tempered person. It is really great. Finding good thing s in a person is very easy. But knowing about the bad is very difficult. That is why I started this Forum.

    When does a person become short tempered one? The answer is, when he does not get the expected things. Hence, try to accept whatever you get it. That will reduce your tempo little bit and more over think that we need many friends and not many enemies. When these thoughts appear in your mind then, you will be a cool and lovable person in this world.

    Be cool, enjoy your life. All the best.

    Ravikumar C
    Born for greater things.

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    Hi Ravi,

    yea.. You are exactly right. Hope to reduce my temper as much as i can. Thanks for you advice.


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    Hi Ravi.

    Warm greetings and Prosperous happy pongal & new year. There are many good and bad habits that are in builded in human beings. But, according to myself, I am always helful for every one in tne living world. I am also having some habits like Postponment of regular worka and activies, Fast and rough driving on car etcc..

    I want to make perfect in all those things in this new year onwards.

    with regard,

    Active Member,TSr.

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    hi guys,

    Always i'm careless In all situation.
    if i do anything i won't analyse that atfterwards only i should feel for that. These are all wnt to avoid.

    regards all...

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