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    Discuss: Who is responsible for the current price rise in Food grains, vegetables and all commoditi

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Who is responsible for the current price rise in Food grains, vegetables and all commodities in India.'.
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    Hai Srinivasan

    Increased price of food and vegetables are mainly due to unfavorable climate for the growth of agricultural plants. The farmers invest more money to grow this plants, but the unfavorable climate like no rain, heavy wind cause damage and reduce the harvest.


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    What is there to doubt in a democratic (?) society?It is only the govt is the reason to price rise.It admits to export onion to other countries.India is the second country to produce more onion.The exporters got govt money as subsidy and get more money.The authorities get commission from these people never mind the people .As there was hue and cry from the people and from parliament govt stopped exports.and imported from pakistan which is in tenth place in onion production .The authorities get commission from importers .The seasonal vegetables could be kept in go downs and could be supplied .For that infrastructures to be developed.Why can't it be done by the govtfor farmers while they give 3lakh crores for industrialists as subsidy/right off etc.They going on increasing seven times the petrol price.Then how can they avert the price rising.If there is a political will they cancontrol price,as in the case of 1 rupee rice .

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