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    Can Karunanidhi win this election

    In this election DMK (Karunanidhi) win or loss. tell me. whats your option about tamil nadu politices. who can become the next cm of tamil nadu.
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    John Prabhu Kalaignar already delegated his responsibility to Stalin and he will be the centre of attraction in the ensuing elections. I think Karunanidhi wont contest elections due to his health conditions. And with his absence the party may some debacle.

    K Mohan

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    Kalaingar cannot win this election as a whole as this year has not been a good year for him due to lot of drawbacks and Raja's corruption and his part in it will also make his side weak for this election. But he can some places such as Madurai, Thousand Lights etc where he has a sole preference and illiterate villagers and if he gets votes it is only of the villagers. This time it is sure that the opposition party is going to win the election.

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    Well, I cannot say who will be the next CM of TN as I am not good at forecasting. The most vexing thing is our lot is not going to improve an iota regardless of who comes to power. Sad state of affairs but the truth nevertheless!

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    Vetri Vetri ..DMK will won the election ...

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    Yes.Kalaignar will win.He will be the CM candidate.he has 176ooo crores of rupees.cong has adharsh and cwg bofors amount .with their money they can spent 10000 per vote .people are far away in political knowledge.middle class "intellectuals" won't vote.what else there to stop this bad happening.
    who should win? last election they give assurance to good rule .did they keep assurance? these should be the questions to ask..If not there any punishment next time they will increase their misdded

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    Hello All,

    I think the Tamilnadu Politics is getting in the Hands of the Family of Karunanidhi in all the aspects. He has already made a big empire in Tamilnadu and gained lots of Votes from the people of Chennai. To speak about Karunanidhi, there are lots of things available. There are also positive issues and negative issues. But when we focus on the negative issues, it is definitely heavy compared to the positive issues. A person who is a leader should set as a best example to all the people of Tamilnadu. If the leader is like this then imagine about the condition of people in Tamilnadu. People just get the TV freely offered by Karunanidhi and get satisfied with his ruling of the state. There are also many perfect plans done by Karunanidhi but those when evaluated properly, they are not of great use to the people.

    When Karunanidhi came to the CM chair his family is growing like anything. And there are also many straight forward scam issues by him and his family members. There are also people who tell his name and his party name and doing rowdy activities inside the city. Along with this most of the film production is also handled by their family members and because of this there is also risk for the Tamil Film industry to get in the hands of the DMK party. So I personally feel that the future of Tamilnadu will be in danger if this party comes to the Ruling in this election also.

    It is actually in the hands of the people to stop him from winning the elections. He is not a good guy, definitely he will spend crores of amount in the election stuffs and make this election comfortable for the people of Tamilnadu. And also many people are stupid enough to believe him again.

    For example, think in this way. If his ruling is good, and if he spends this crores of amount in the people welfare, then the people will automatically get impressed and they will automatically vote to him. The money spent on the election canvasing and other things are literally very waste in my point of view.

    My prayer to god is that there should be some change to the Politics in Tamilnadu and this particular person should not come to ruling again in Tamilnadu. Then if this happens to be done again then the progress of Tamilnadu will be delayed and his family will be continuing to eat all the resources again as how they did now.

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    I support the views of Murali Krishnan and Balasubramanian S. Any Political parties who comes to rule will obviously look for their personal growth. But as a current ruling party DMK have done lots of things to impress people, one of the important thing is the number of Over Bridges built in chennai and around Tamil Nadu. The Other previlages are simply to occupy the hearts of people. I dont know if any other party who comes to Power will not do this or not. DMK has already preoccupied almost all the wealthy departments such as media, cinemas etc. Adding to this is the involment in 2G scam. Fed up with the commodity price hike in this period, It will not be good if any one rules Tamil Nadu with the intention of their personal benifits. Hence, Dont want to comment on who is going to be the next Cheif Minister of Tamil Nadu.

    Surya Selvaraj

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    And moreover the plans that are executed by the DMK government is also of no use. Instead of spending lots of money in the Election canvasing and election works, it can be spent in various other things. They just sit and think to beat the other parties that are trying to stand in election and beat them. But instead of this if they sit and think about the people welfare and do some welfare works for the people then the people will automatically vote for the DMK government and these unwanted spending is not at all necessary.

    For example if you consider this Kalaignar Kaapeetu Thittam, I personally feel that this plan is of no use. When the government hospitals are providing proper treatment to the people, then I personally feel that there is no necessity for these insurance plan and all. If we go to the government hospital the people are not given proper treatment. All the facilities are available in the Government hospitals but these facilities are not handled by the doctors and the workers properly. The Faculty are careless in giving treatment to the people. There is no proper hospitality given to the people. If these issues are taken care by the government then there will be a great improvement in the Medical facilities in Tamilnadu.

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    we cannot say any thing bcoz dmk have media support and govt staff support but ordinary people have support for aiadmk so its going to be a tough competition

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    May or may not .But it should not come back to ruling,the dmk.One family occupying the whole Tamil nadu is intolerable

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