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    Discuss: Who will more responsible for the students care?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Who will more responsible for the students care?'.
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    I think its teacher who can mould a student fast. Parents are also important but student spent his important time with the teacher and he will impart him the nuances of life with full ability. All parents cannot take much care due to their preoccupation and teachers are the best bet to help students to excel.

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    All of them have some part in student's care but the most of the share lies between Parents and Teachers. Parents mould their child not only in their childhood but throughout their life. They have the whole part of making life for thier children. Teachers the second parents of the students have the part in the students life in their studying ages to make them as good part of the world and best of bests. And at teen ages the student's behaviour are much due to the public. Politicians have only a meagre part in students life

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    First teacher for a child is his parents. If they are brought up in the right way then his life will be smooth. If he is not brought up in the right way then his life will not be smooth enough. So it is the duty of parents and teachers to bring the children to the right level. If the parents are not guiding the children properly then his path will be diverted. In order to make the Child wise in the aspect of education teachers play a predominant role. The first fact is that the teacher should be in such a way that the student should feel comfortable with the teacher. Teacher should be friendly and also strict. Along with the friendly nature the student should also have some good respect on the teacher which is very much necessary. If this happens to be fine then the student will listen to all the things told by the teacher.

    When the growth stage of the children it is very much necessary that parents should also follow an exact principle. Till the age 10 a parent should be very caring to the child and very childish to the kid. After the age 10 the parents should be very strict with the child and it is also good if the child gets beatings and scolding to the maximum. Then after 20 years the parents should go friendly to the kids. This is the way the parent and child relation should be. This particular concept is mentioned in the Vedic literature.

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    It is simple, Parents are role model for childrens growth. But Childrens growth based not only on parental/teachers guidance& support but also the circumstance/atmosphere are more important.

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    Manoharan you have initiated the discussion and you must moderate it. Many members have replied to this post and you have not responded at all. Please do respond and evaluate the answers and that interaction is very much importance in the forum section.

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    Hello Friends,
    In My View Parents are more Responsible For a Student's Care Cause If they Behave good then the Student also Behave Good and Vice Versa. In Mahabharat You May Listen that Abhimanyu Learnd How to Cross the Chakrabuha when He was in his Mother's Womb. So It May be real Cause We can See that Where is More Dispute among the Parents then the Boy becomes Very Lazy and Not Social So Parents are the First Important Persons for a Student.

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    I think parents are only having care about children. If the parents are having care means then only children get study. So first preference is only for parents. Second half is teachers want care about their study and all. Teachers are making good parents are motivate their.

    Prabu S.

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