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    Discuss: Which one the followings is most effective and good communication system?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which one the followings is most effective and good communication system?'.

    1. E Mail
    2. Postal
    3. Quireer
    4. Fax or Phone
    5. Telagram
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    Now e mail is the best communication tool which is very effective and fast too and can be expressed in few seconds. Couriers, post, phones and telegram have lost their importance. Thanks to computers, now contacting near and dear ones have become very easy and affordable too. Instant messaging and reply is the highlight.

    K Mohan

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    The effective means of communication is only email as it is the fastest means of sending and recieving messages. And it is the fastes way to make clear contact over infinte distances. E-mail always moves in the direction of progress of personal and business communication. But at times there is a loss of message and clear idea.

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    We can get immediate feedback through Phone only. This provides two way communication. Next comes Fax, in times of any urgency this helps a lot especially in terms of business. Next comes email and rest of the other things.



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    I Agree With Sowmya Madam that Now a Days phone and fax are the Effective Way of Communication. In India the Cellphone Users numbers are increasing for this reason also, But in Email You Have to Type Your Express in Words and Emotions are not better in Words. And Another thing For Mail You Have to need a Working PC with internet Communication Which Can be affordable by the Top level members of the Society but In Case of Mobile You just need two Working Cell Phones which are coming from 500 rupees also and it can be affordable by the Weaker Section of the Society. So Phone is the all time Effective Communication.
    Bhisma Narayan Rout
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    According to me the Email was once considered to be the best way of communication from one country to another country. But after the development in the wireless communication the Cell phones have now become a wonderful means of communication from one place to another. When we look upon the cost factor it can also be said that the cost is reducing day by day. With the help of Smart phones it is also very comfortable to call one computer through the smart phones. So the communication is now at the peek. The next fast means of communication is the SMS. SMS can be sent from one person to other person in case of any need and it will be delivered immediately. If there is any situation that a person is unable to speak because of any meeting or any other issue then he can just send a SMS and that will be more than enough for the fast communication.

    But still we cannot forget this Email. If there is any official communication then we always prefer Email service. Email can stand as a best gateway for formal or official communication. If we are making an important conversation and if in that conversation a person cheats the other person forgetting the commitment that he made then it is very difficult to find out through the phone conversation or the SMS but in case of the Email it is very easy. The proof can be showed with the help of the Email. In this way the Email is evergreen and will not be affected even though there are any future new technologies.

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    All are Telling about Phones and Emails But No one is telling about Postal. It may not be the Effective and Speedy a way to Communicate but In all Official Maters postal is Used Such As Getting admit card, Appointment Letter, Insurance Premium Due, Legal Documents etc. Postal has lost his value due to us. Now A Days we don't want to go anywhere so Phone and Email Became more Popular. In my View Postal should change its system according to the modern age.
    Bhisma Narayan Rout
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