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    2G spectrum

    2g spectrum scam amount was approximately 1.43 crore in PJP government also
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    In this mega scam both Congress and BJP are the major beneficiary and the correct picture will emerge when the probe for the same is conducted from 2001 onwards. What ever it is common man was taken for a ride by these telecom companies when they started in the early stages with hefty entry fees.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Now telecom companies.Yesterday in bofors.At gargil time it is in cabins of martyrs .now and then in any one dept/company it is exposed.Then it is forgotten .There is next item .We discuss it for sometime and other one is cooked in the meantime.BJP is very strong not to resign too in karnataka .in this cong shows some respect to the feeling of people.These are representatives of gainers.Who gain of these corruptions.They are in the background .They are the directors of these actors.We often blame these actors only.Cause is not touched.Result is blamed .Shouldn't our approach towards this changed?

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    In the recent interview with media, our PM of India agreed his inability to take action in time against the alliance party in particular 2G scam. What it means? PM could have stoped this 2G scam in the initial stage. But he allowed to grow this corruption to get
    benefited by DMK & Congress. People were thinking that he is the honest and highly qualified PM of India? No doubt he is a gentleman considering other politicians in India but not taking
    action in time in such a big sacm and keeping mum has created a bad name.

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    It is a drama of cong.It allows to corrupt and gets its share as money and in the form of support to all the misdeeds of central govt such a atomic agreement .Its blackmail politics should be understood.Manmohan is not a honest man.If he is so instead of saying that he is helpless he should have resigned .When UPA I period left watched them carefully when they did wrongs and pressed them for the welfare of the people as in petrol price ,100 days work etc Manmohan told that he was free from slavery when the left withdraws their support to cong .But now the companies are looting nation,and ministers and officers allowing them getting bribes and honest manmohan is silently allowing all culprits which means he is getting his due share.ARE we also allowing them to continue by voting DMK_CONG alliance

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