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    Discuss: Do you believe that the end of the world is 2012 as per the Mayan calendar?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you believe that the end of the world is 2012 as per the Mayan calendar?'.
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    This is abruptly false faith and the world will not demolish as world has been created only for living. But there can be endangering of species as so for happened and even one day man would alsobe endangered. But the world is not going to be demolished. And the end of world is undeterminable for man's knowledge.

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    Nothing will happen, as usual we do all our routines in 2012 too

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    Hi All,

    This is certainly not going to be. There was also a prediction of third world war and world ending in 1999 by nastradamus but nothing happened. These predictions are nothing but rumor.

    So just be calm and continue to do what you are doing as nothing is going to happen.

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    No i don't believe it. just it is imagination. our ancients are create aware of pollution using these imaginations.

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    2012 world not ends. Some scientist believe the suicide them self many people kill them self, but I feel the world not end in 2012...

    Tomorrow me and my uncle discoursed this topic my uncle says, when I was studied in 7th standard some people told like this and they enjoyed that night and the morning the world still a live after that they all are feel the real fact its jest rumor…


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    In my view nothing is going to happen in 2012 . Some people and film makers are highlighting this for getting chief publicity in a night so it is better to do work as your routine. If you will not work by thinking that the world is going to destroy so why should you work then you will realize about your decision in 2013.
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