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    Discuss: Next five years 6 Laks Free house is prefect plan by DMK to cover Election votes ?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Next five years 6 Laks Free house is prefect plan by DMK to cover Election votes ?'.
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    This idea can add some votes for DMK if they had announced this an year ago but announcing it now wouldnot be effective due to lot of wrong opinions with the party among the people and people have became aware this would be possible only if they come to power for more than 10 years. If the party rules for ten years then the state would be at the peak of corruption and people won't offer to live here. Hence these announcements cannot be effective. DMK should think something else to cover peoples attention and so far the opposition parties are vigorously making election campaign with the great corruption of A.Raja.

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful.

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    Hi, Mr.Siyaram
    I fully agree with your opnion and points raised by you. I always talk about the corruption topic and the word 'CORRUPTION' is so much in our blood which I think will finish our countries Growth in the coming years when we compare with China. But the idea of 6laksh free house will definetly attract our people like free TV. Hence no doubt such announcement definetly improve the chances of winning the election.

    Regards: Srinivasan, Make this country corruption free

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    Corruption prevails in all countries and common among all nationalities but they differ from Indian officials as they would do the work for the money that had got but here the officials are not doing their work for the money but instead they are getting money for not doing the work. Hence CORRUPTION must be abolished and the punishment must be made severe as it is equal to killing of people since this money is the only source for food of less income people and stealing it is equal to make them starving for food.

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    Hi, I do agree with you but how long WE HAVE TO ADJUST WITH THIS SYSTEM FAILURE, it is now in everywhere from bottom to top IN ALL LEVEL. IT IS ENDLESS

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    Hi All,

    I think announcing this now can be viewed both positive and negative. Because, everybody since elections are round the corner, all these promises are motivated by elections. So if the government has not done enough in last 5 years then it can backfire also.As citizens might think that when there was time to do, they did nothing and now when elections are round the corner, they are announcing different palns to woo the people.

    So it up to people to apply their brains and deceide what is right for thema nd the society.

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