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    கொஞ்சம் தெரிஞ்சுக்கலாமா?

    அன்பு நண்பர்களே, வணக்கம்.

    நமது நாட்டின்... குறிப்பாக...தமிழ் நாட்டின்.... அரசியல் எதை நோகி போய்கொன்டிருகிறது?

    வரும் தேர்தலிலாவது நன்மை கிடைக்குமா? மீண்டும் மக்களின் போராட்டம் தான் தொடருமா?
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    Hello Mrs Vinoo
    As there are many non Tamil members here, so you are requested to post your message in English or you can post both in English and Tamil, so that we non Tamilians can also participate in your forum discussion and can put our views.

    Kaveri Jha

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    Todays politics is really going towards its degradation and it will be soon reformed in a decade. And there could be a change of power in the forcoming MLA election and present ruling party will not get majority. But for a good government people should think of only the future 5years and not COLOUR TV, GAS STOVE etc. If people start to think then that day would be the real independence day as illiterate are worried only about that day alone. But for a good future days thinking of today is important

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful

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    TV price is 2000. cable connection expenditure is 2400 .By giving 2000 to every family from the govt fund Kalaignar collects 2400per year for his family . Instead of giving treatment to the people who are in need upto the level,the govt sends the patients to the private hospitals .There they collect more than the reasonable fees.thus they collect more from govt and the patients.The govt sanctioning govt fund to private hospitals .It is understandable that the proper percentage would be collected from the hospitals .Thus by giving govt fund they collect for themselves.This is the scientific corruption by Dr.Kalaignar.Now by spectrum he has proved that no one could equate him in corruption.People can call him chanakya and can elect him for another period .Then,the Tamilnadu will be registered to his family officially passing a resolution in assembly.Beware of Dr family rule Vote for change

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