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    Discuss: Who is best Administration Jayalalitha or Karunanithi

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Who is best Administration Jayalalitha or Karunanithi'.
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    Hi Gopalakrishnan,

    I liked your question and it is the time to recall many things done by both administrators.

    Let us take Selvi J. Jayalalitha first, She did lot to tamilnadu. Like TASMAC which is very essential to all the people, TESMA and ESMA rules to control the employers in Tamilnadu. Cancellation of TNPCEE by which she created complete downfall of Engineering courses standard and many.

    Next Kalaingar Karunanithi, He has developed his family to a billionaire status. His family politics were acknowledged by many poor and village peoples due to many Free concepts like Free colour TV, Free gas connection, Free bus pass, free PG level education, Free Housing system and many. But nobody is worrying about Spectrum Scandal.

    I conclude that Both do not come under the best category. Tamilnadu is waiting to get a best CM in the forthcoming elections 2011.

    Ravikumar C
    Born for greater things.

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    Both are not too good administrators but J mam has some much strategies of a better admministrator than Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi only thinks of to cover the votes of villagers and government teachers as they are more in proportion but nw they are all aware of the situation. For this time Jayalalitha could be the best administrator to administer the government as the DMK government lived for these many days on only for free items given but coruuption betrayed them.

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    1.While Compare the both personalities, Dr.J.Jayalalitha is a best administrator. She is an action oriented lady and She is so much interested in particularly law and order.

    2.During her period, The School teachers had been recruited by TRB(Teachers Recruitment Board)and only on merit basis. It Improved the performance of the education system in Tamil Nadu.

    3.She implemented many schemes for revenue generation to the government like TASMAC.

    4.But she is also a corrupted lady and less in corruption when compared to Karunanidhi.So, I wish to suggest Dr.J.jayalalitha is a good administrator.

    5. But I would like to suggest that a new person should come to save tamilnadu.

    with regards,


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    Hi guys,

    As far as i am concerned, both are corrupted, in which we can say Dr.J.Jayalalitha is somewhat less compared to DMK. Both are not going to do anything for people. So i hope someone or something should happen to change these people.

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    As an individuals they have different capacities.As administrators also they have different capacities.Karunanidhi as a political worker fought to develop his party and his parties policy that is anti cong from the beginning .He accepted many hardships for his policy .But jj was given power as ready made .She was near MGR who also worked hard to develop DMK .On judging with these points karunanidhi is ahead some distance .
    Administration is nothing but to analyse officers advise and to take or modify them .In this karunanidhi and jj will analyse all things how much we can get for myself from this. But in talking kalaignar will say this is for people only.jj will take / talk openly as it is her birthright.
    They have developed some schemes in their periods but they basically worked for the welfare of rich only .In this also JJ will say if rich grow state will develop .So i am helping rich.But kalaignar will say it is his duty to develop people and in action he will help rich only.So there is no basical change in Tamil nadu .WE can say their policy is better than cong but they are same. jj is arrogant and kalaignar was kind but both will do same thing.
    They are anti people but no other alternative is seen near future .so we have to select one of these.Next cm will not kalaignar if dmk wins.wealth is gathered very much in kalaignar family.So there is a storm in his family.It will broke at once the election ends.So experienced jj is there .She will capture the power.

    we should not search for individuals.but parties.In this present election we should judge this 5 yr period rule of DMK is /was good for people or not ?.We should say no.If it is allowed again tamilnadu will be changed as karunanidhi nadu by his family.So we should not give ok for this misrule and it will be a lesson to the coming ruler.If she do the same as he / she did earlier time then again we should defeat her .Where is a way other than this in this democracy

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