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    Corrpution word is created by Indian Polticians?

    No doubt, no one can beat the Indian Politician on Corrpution. It means system fault or Indian publics are "Chalta hai" nature. But every day or day by day the corrpution rooting through lower level to supreme(court) level. It means the law of the land is fallen under corrputed people or without corrpution, can't we lead the life in India? Or We going to change in the future? Is it possible??
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    Hi Srinivasan,

    Ths is very big issue. No one can change it unless people themselves become aware and start behaving more repsponsibly. It can be done by a collective effort of the society as a whole. A single person can change a thing.

    But it should also not be forgot that "We must be the change that we want to see in the soeciety". So rather than balming anybody everybody should start parcticising it in his/her life first. Then we can definately live in better future.

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    Thanks Mr.vimal for your opinion on Corruption and I fully agree with you, yes it's a collective response and we bother to even think about it. Because it became our part life.

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    Why don't we have discuss atleast and think way out for this to initiate necessary steps towards it?

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    Why Corruption is Increasing

    Friends,Corruption is increasing for us.Just Think In your life have not You given some money or Other thing to Govt Officer(It may be a Peon or Class 1 officer) for Doing Your Work ?In Hindi There is a Proverb"Wo Khate Hain Kyuki Hum Khilate Hain".So It is Increasing For Our Lack of awareness,
    And One Thing We Have to Study "Why People Give Money to Others for Doing his Duty".Most People of India are From Village Area,they are Very Simple and Sober.When They come to Govt Offices then A Peon also asks him for money and the poor and Simple person gives money but he is not know that he is also going to the well of Corruption.

    How Corruption Can be Vanished

    Corruption Can Be Vanished If People Know What are Criteria for Living in Society,Example If a Village Person Comes to a bank for Clearing a Cheque of Rs 5000 then the Bank Peon asks him Take Rs 4500 and Get out of Here.But If the Man Know about What is Bank,What is the Duty of the Organization etc then He Not Only Refuses the offer of the Peon But Also Complain to the Bank Manager about the Fellow.
    Like this if a person know all the details of Essential Things then There is a chance of Minimizing Corruption.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa spider

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    India has become the epi center for corruption. Many politicians are involved in the corruption charges and many are going scot free from the clutches of court and jail. We being the responsible portal must bring important corruption issues to the limelight and let the law take its own course to punish the guilty.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    hi friend,

    I don't know about who create the word Corruption. But I can give some
    useful guidelines about how to prevent the corruption.

    Positive developments in relation to corruption and investment:

    1. The Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI Act) has worked as a powerful instrument to enhance governance transparency.

    2. The RTI Act grants access to administrative documents within 30 days and has been actively used to hold public officials accountable for their decisions and to monitor public spending.

    3. The Supreme Court has taken some bold steps by upholding corruption charges in cases involving politicians and high-ranking government officials.

    4. The government has striven to simplify administrative procedures and to reduce physical encounters with public officials that could open the way for facilitation payments.

    5. Public servants have very wide discretionary powers which offer the occasion to extorting undue payments from companies and ordinary citizens.

    6. The numerous bodies charged with combating corruption have conflicting mandates and suffer from lack of qualified staff and funding.

    7.The awarding of public contracts is notoriously corrupted, especially at the state level. Scandals involving high-level politicians have highlighted the payment of kickbacks in the healthcare.

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    Hi freinds,
    If you watch the news of date, you all will certainly agree with me and it shows the clear picture of our polticians and public authorities swindling public hard earned money, from the CWG TO 2G...and endless later one is LIC Housing Finance which threatens the image of Corporate sectors. But how long we have to adjust with this systems which is against the common man. How much sincere, honest our politicians,Bureaucrats when they handle or decision making of public work. No hope for India, if corrpution grows in such a manner.

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    Town /city men are not giving bribe ?Educated or not is not the question.We can say they are the worst to give something to settle their needs.It is the product of the society.In a society where the difference from the top man to the bottom man is vast gap ,then it is quiet nature to all evils such as corruption.Secondly as all preaching it could not be ended , it begins from the top and encouraged by them .So eradication should also begin from them.Will they start?They are the growers .Will they cut the tree which gives them a lot.So think politically and work for changing the policy of the govts.

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    The corruption was given good importance in India because of the bad politicians only. The statement is true. I will accept it. But the people are also one of the main example for the increase in the corruption rate in India. Not only with politicians but also with the national leaders and the government employees, the corruption is spread equally as a disease. In most of the government concerns the people also charge extra money for doing their own works. There should be a special team who should take care of these corruption issues. There are many organizations who are coming from the Anti Corruption department. If they go on a ride, they are even given good reasonable money and the corruption is still continued.

    There should be a strict punishment and strict rule proposed by the government against this corruption issue. If that is done then the people will get some fear and then work for the good of the country and also they will lead a reasonable life. The main disease that fully covers and troubles the people of India is the corruption. If a vaccine is found out to eradicate this particular disease then, India will be the number one country in this world.

    Thanks & Regards
    S. Balasubramanian
    Site Coordinator Tamilspider
    Webmaster Chennaispider

    Quote: "There are no accidents" - Kung fu Panda

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