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    DMK Warning congress

    Kalaignar writes letter to SM Krishna on Srilankan Tamils harshly ; He writes to stop passing of law on seashore handling after they give up Raja.He in a public meeting (In dinamai) warns centre we would withdraw (not in same words)support to topple centre.
    It is not for opposing USA imperialism thrusting conditions on us ;not for controlling prices ; not for PDSystem for all ;but for money ';It will purchase voters in coming election ;all will praise him as Chanakya and again he would be cM to purchase the left out in present period .Then TAMIL NADU will be changed into KALAIGNAR VEEDU
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    DMK always resorted to black mail politics. This time Congress in no mood to succumb to the pressure of DMK. Now Jayalaithaa also wants to support Congress so they need not worry about black mailing tactic of DMK. Karunanidhi has got done lots of favour for his party and Congress is fed up with it over Spectrum Raja scam.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    I agree that DMK always using blackmailing ; but now it is in the position to show that DMK is a pure party as it exposed to the world that it is a corrupted party. Actually cong is a most tactical and corrupted party.It always allows its aligned party to make corruption and it would collect secretly all files in their position and blackmail them.It would do corruption to the maximum level but very careful not to be exposed .It gets proper share in all corruption and after that it will blackmail to control their ally .
    Now Manmohan had created files to his safety as if he is against corruption and latter allowed DMK to grass .DMK not yielding to seat sharing numbers . So cong used ADMK to pressure and now fully expose DMK with leaks of Neera Radia x Kani Mozi talking .
    Kalaignar knows that this is the game play of cong and now he
    reacts to cong that he would topple the central govt . He is at the end of his period and Centre is to more four years .He is ready to face the election without cong and he hopes that he will win as he has done well this time .
    So let us see who will win in the corruption and blackmail fight of two kiladies .In their success our defeat will be the result.

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    All political parties in India are corrupted party. Congress, BJP, Communists, DMK and AIADMK, etc...
    None of the parties in India having the clean hands.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Then you can start a new one without corruption.We are here to support you.Be ready Suresh.It is a valid time

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