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    How to make people stop using Plastics


    In this forum discuss on how to make the people of Tamilnadu stop using the plastics. As we all know plastics are very dangerous in all aspects. But even though there are alternatives available, people are still using plastics. Discuss on how to solve this issue.
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    Good thread and congrats for initiating it. Paper bags must be popularised and cloth bags must be made compulsory whole making big shopping. All the big shops must stop giving their products in the plastic bag. Plastic bag companies must be banned first. A systamatic public campaign will ensure this project in a phased manner.

    K Mohan

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    Hi Balasubramanian

    It's just a nice thread on the current situation. In order to reduce waste, safe guard health and protect environment, individuals should come forward in breaking the plastic habits as plastics creates massive environment problem and moreover only a few plastics can be recycled and then only once.

    People can at least try to reduce the use of these materials in the way by using glass, stainless steel containers for storing food, by substituting paper bags for plastic bags. They can simply take their own reusable bags when go out for shopping. And as said by Mr.Mohan Public Campaigns should be arranged to create awareness about the detrimental effects on the environment due to plastics.



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    Hi Bala,

    Is the issues of great importance,which many countries are taking already steps to control it.We on India first enhance our health aspect first whereby people will come to know that it is their children who suffer due too their irresponsible activities.

    Also,in supermarkets,malls and all the public places use of degradable bags should be encouraged.Laws should be made to keep the country clean. Making use of products that degrade the nature should be completely abolished


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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your response. I personally feel that people will not go for using the paper stuffs instead of the plastic stuffs if the rates of the plastics are increased. For example if you go to the shops you can very well see that the plastic cups and stuffs are low in cost when compared to the paper cups and other stuffs. If the situation is like that how will the people get mentality to buy the paper cups and use instead of plastic cups. A common man will always think about the cost factor only and not the public safety and environmental issue.

    I think that the solution should be brought up only by the government and no one else. I think there is no use in creating awareness to the people regarding this. People are already aware and the one whom we should change is the government and make them understand the consequences.

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    Bala you have nicely moderated the discussion in a better manner. Yes govt must take initiative to control the usage of plastic by promoting paper bags.

    K Mohan

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    All things which is necessary to people can be implemented in a democracy.It is needed political will which is lacking .Govt is producing petroleum and taxing it .So the price increases.We people suffer.But the govt going on taxing. Put the higher tax on plastics which is harm to us .Naturally the price will increase and using will come down.De tax the paper covers which is useful and harmless.Then its usage will increase .If the useful and cheaper things given to the people they will certainly cooperate.But bribing by the plastic companies will come down .So ...

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