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    Is politics important?

    Is politics important to all or particular section of the people?
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    A very good question that ponders over all. I do not think many people are interested in politics and wont even bother to know whats is happening. The best example happened yesterday. The New CM of AP Kiran Kumar stays in Banjara Hills of Hyderabad. As soon as his name was cleared the police expected heavy rush by locals from the locality. But believe me they damn cared for him. So, this replies to your post.

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    I wish that each and every citizen of India including ladies ,students ,govt servants should show interest in politics.They should involve in politics. They should welcome all the good activities of the govt,opposition,all political parties ,trade unions ,service associations ,welfare assns etc .At the same time they should come to road to fight with the govt ,opposition,all political parties,trade unions,service assns ,welfare assns if they do harm to people.They should not walk behind heroes(not only of cinemas) but behind policies.

    But the situation is so ,as you mentioned.We should think over it.Why they are so?They are frustrated with all, through medias strong propaganda .Majority of the people are running towards food and shelter.They have no time to have knowledge of these things.So the fault is not theirs ; but ours.We ,who have knowledge and time do not spend time/money to educate them .We have so many reasons.But if analyse those reasons they would show that we ,the middle class , is very selfish.
    Kiran Kumar case.. I have no idea. May be he also not having mass for himself as Rosaiah .It is cong 's way to select such a leader who have no followings as it would help the Boss to topple him whenever needed.Once in Andhra this attitude of it developed NTR,Chandra babu .Now again the history has returned .Now who would be the benefitter.We will wait and see.

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    Politics is made as a unimportant subject all through these years,it was always considered as a matter for elder and the senior citizens.
    But now due to the media and mass communication politics is being considered as an important subject.Also the people in the lower sect,must be made aware of the country's political policies and the persons of the same.A biased institution or a community should be formed to educate the people about the country's policies and the democracy

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    Most of the media give misinformation according to their whims and fancies.lower sect is more conscious in politics they come to vote they come in rallies they struggle they are beaten by police,they are taken to custody ,they are killed whereas the intellectuals easily saying 'what is there in voting..?

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    Politics is important aspect of everytime as It decides the style in which each one is governed.Politics must be with the motto to serve the people of nation as their behalfs being representatives of the people.But Corruption has spoilt the politics and students of today look up at politics as unneeded thing in their part of life.But everyone should promote good government and should not allow nation towards degradation...

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    Students teachers and govt servants are in total a very big force.By their nature they are the real strength and knowledge they are more powerful than others .But technically they are droven from politics.All advice students 'no' teachers and govt staff who know well than others about govt are prohibitted by rules.So ruling men do not get fear that they would not be exposed.So all should be in politics

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