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    Discuss: Best way of Communication

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Best way of Communication'.

    The best communication is a call because sms are not cared by most of the people. communication is done when are in need to tell something when people in distance then directtalk not possible

    therefore call is the best way of communication
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    I think direct talk with one to one always enhances our friendship and also lessens the burden in full. Talking over phone,or logging over internet through mails are a waste of time with little satisfaction. And letter culture is almost closed.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    It depends upon the level of importance of the message to be communicated. As said by Mr.Mohan direct talk, it strengthens relationship bond. Face to face contact is always effective and can be easily understood. In direct talk feedback is instantaneous.

    When the receiver and sender are far off, then we can go for letter but nowadays mails are used for this. Written communication like letter or mail whatever, serves as a record and is permanent for future reference.

    If you are not able to manage your time but still wants to maintain relationship with your friends SMS fills the gap. Just even a forwarded message to your friends brings smiles to them as it meant that you are remembering that person every now and then in your busy schedule.

    Just these are my views.



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    I think the question should be more clear.If we are to solve a problem between two people and if you ask this question ,i think the direct way of face to face chatting is best.

    If the person is far or we want have no time to see the person you got to call them and resolve it

    The communication always depends on the degree of necessity and the strength of the conversation.

    I think sms,mms are just to make a person feel that we are there for them as friends or relatives or any relation.

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    Writing letters is the best as it would be bear in mind for long.Even letters are made as books as Nehru's letters to Indira from jail is Glimpses of world history.It gives personal touch .If a postman gives us a letter it makes us,the writers,important to the receiver.

    it is unforgettable. When i was in telephone operator training I was in need of money.I wrote to my elder brother "nalam;melum nalamaga irukka udane panam anuppavum ".That single lined letter brought me a money order in which that gentle man wrote; "Sorry for the delay;use this money to see maximum good pictures ".Both of us are in 50s now and often telling about these letters to our children and enjoying.

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