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    Guidelines For New Members and How To Go About In Tamilspider - A Glance

    Hi Friends,

    I have gone through some of the threads at Forum section posted by new members where they have an opinion of having some basic ideas and guidelines about our Tamilspider. Hence it made me to write this. I hope to some extent it would help you to know our Tamilspider better.

    It's true that for a newbie it's seem to be quite difficult at the beginning. But when you become familiar with our site you will find our site quite interesting and you can do wonders with your knowledge and capabilities.

    Before starting your journey at Tamilspider just go through the Guidelines posted by Editors and Webmasters at Forum Section and Article Section. If you have any doubts you can post them at Forum section where you will be guided with our members, editors and webmasters. If you still have any problems or wants to solve any issues you can very well contact them by reaching their profiles where their contact information is provided. Here at Tamilspider you have a good team of editors and members who will help you without any hesitation.

    At Forum Section you can discuss with any topics concerning Tamilnadu and Tamilspider. You can get your doubts cleared and problems solved by posting it in our forum section. You are allowed to discuss in Tamil Language at forum section but it should go side by side with English description as well, as English is a common language and many people who access our post may not know Tamil.

    At Resource Section here you have a lot of sections to choose from. You can show your talents and abilities over here. Infact you are allowed to collect information from anywhere and through any website but your presentation should be on your own words only. Copied content is strictly not allowed at Tamilspider as it brings down the reputation of our site. When posting resources give high importance to the keywords as it is essential which will fetch you good revenue to you as well about our site. Keywords is nothing but popular terms often used by people to search for particular information on net. Infact Google will index your resources based on the keywords you use. When you put it into practice of using good keywords, you will be surprised to see your article indexed on the first page of Google.

    Events Section at Tamilspider is nothing but forthcoming happenings around your city. It should have the particular information about the event, the venue of the event, date and time of the event and you have to provide the contact numbers if any, have to be provided at this section. For example you can post events like paint or art exhibition, seminars or conferences etc.

    Business Section at Tamilspider is just like a business directory. Here you will see many categories to write on. All that you have to do is post your choice of business either about a particular hotel or about a college but provide relevant and true information about the particular business along with their address, contact phone number, email id's, website address etc. Provide as much information as possible. Our business section I would say is even more than any business directory or yellow pages available.

    At Picture Gallery you can post any pictures related to Tamilnadu. But have it in mind not to post copyrighted images. Provide description based on the pictures you post with a minimum word limit of 30 words. It will be appropriate if the member posts description for 3 to 4 lines with good Keywords in it.

    Regarding Classifieds Section, here explanation is not needed as it's a well known category where you can post about jobs, real estates and about products for sale etc. can be written at this section.

    Question Bank Section is aimed at helping Students and Professionals to prepare for their Competitive Exams like GMAT, TOEFL, Bank Exam, Medical, Engineering, TANCET etc. At Question Bank section you can post objective type questions, provided you know the correct answer. While posting Arithmetic related or at aptitude section try to give out reason for the correct answer as it would help students to be familiar with it. As it is gained access by students and professionals be careful while posting questions. Don't just post for the sake of accumulating points. Please maintain the standard and quality of your content.

    Apart from all the above you can write about Tourist Places and Tour packages at relevant section which will fetch you more cash credits. Even you can post jobs at Jobs section with detailed information. You can write about Famous Personalities and about Celebrities, you can write about Tamil newspapers and Magazines and about current news on media. But take care to post your articles at corresponding sections.

    All over, when your articles are good with original content, you will get good cash credits and points from Tamilspider. At Tamilspider they conduct several contests from time to time where in you can participate and win the title and get good cash award. Read about Partnership Program posted at forum section where you will get detailed information about it.

    Moreover you will be ranked as Top Performers based on your active participation at Tamilspider. Now coming to the more important point at Tamilspider is about Google Adsense. As Tamilspider is a revenue sharing website here you can apply for Google Adsense and on approval, you get huge and handsome money from Google where 10% of the revenue share will goes to our site and remaining 90% is all yours. Here again I would say with good keywords you can fetch more. To guide and help you Tamilspider has provided Adsense profile on your profile page. Before applying for adsense make sure you met out the required criteria at adsense profile before applying for adsense to avoid disappointment. If you already have Google Adsense Account you can very well associate this with Tamilspider and get approval from Tamilspider within few minutes.

    For anything satisfaction is more important. When you begin to write articles or any stuffs at Tamilspider do not just write for the sake of points but write it out with a quality and to your fullest satisfaction so that the output of your article would be excellent.

    For your easy reference here is some links to guidelines which will be updated regularly.

    Check out the Following Guidelines Before You Start:
    1. Copied Content in Tamilspider is Not Allowed - Guidelines.

    2. Member of the Day Awards (New Announcement)


    4. How to Attach Images to Tamilspider

    5. How to Know a Photo is Copyrighted

    6. Using HTML Tags in Tamil Spider.

    7. How to Recieve Payment from

    8. Guidelines for posting pictures

    9. Using symbols in the title of the posts

    10. Photo posting guidelines for TSR

    Check out this to know about our recent partnership revenue earned by our site and members at Partnership Share for December 2010

    Hope you have got some basic ideas from the above. So start your journey at Tamilspider by sharing your knowledge. For Members, Editors and Webmasters I welcome you all to to have a great experience and here is our best wishes to all you 'to Learn and Earn'.

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    Sowmya thanks for bringing this post and thats the need of the hour. Many new members are often confused as to what to post and where and how. The details provided by you will guide the members to achieve their goal very easily.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Hello Sowmya,

    This has been a great post by you and this shows your dedication to the TamilSpider family. Keep it up!

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar
    Site Co-ordinator, SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Surprising CTR, CPC and eCPM in Punjabspider!

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    hi sowmya,
    This is very good about you and I am pleased to see a such member having this much dedication. This will surely help many of the new joiners and also the old members those who can clarify the doubts.Congrats, continue rocking....

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful

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    Thanks to Ms.Sowmya for a detail and step by step information for all the new comers. Also, it gives a clear picture about Tamil

    Once again thanks,


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    Hi Sowmya,

    Good effort you have taken. Really the guidelines and ideas which was given by you are appreciative.

    Keep it up.

    with regards,

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    Hi Sowmya,

    Very good job done by you which will very useful to the members specially the new ones. Keep posting these types of informative messages.

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    Hi Sowmya,

    Thanks for this post. This is really very helpful one for who are all want to use and work in TamilSpider.

    Thank you so much.

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    hi sowmya,

    really thanks for all the info you have provided. it was really useful for me as am a new buddy here.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Sowmya,

    I am a new joiner, ur guide lines is more helpfull for me and also i hope this is usfull for every one who have doubt in posting. Thanks for the spending time this much.

    Prabhu S.

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