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    Discuss: Who like to do love marriage

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Who like to do love marriage'.
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    Hi Anitha ,

    In this world both men and women love other and they like to be loved by others. So love is a main aspect in human life. We cannot say that only men like or only women like. No one in this universe hates love. If you know anyone please intimate me. I want to see that creature.

    Coming to love marriage concept, as far as my knowledge, it is liked by both. But in the beginning what enjoyment they feel that they are not finding after marriage. This is true. Only few are exceptional from this. So both men and women like the Love marriage.

    Ravikumar C

    Born for Greater things.

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    அன்புக்கு பாலின வேறுபாடு கிடையாது .எனவே இருபாலாரும் காதல் மணம் புரிய விரும்புகின்றனர் .ஆனால் சமுதாய அனுமதி கிடைப்பதில் பிரச்சினை யிருப்பதால் பெண்களைவிட ஆண்களுக்கு வாய்ப்பு அதிகம் .காதலைப் போன்று தோற்றம் தரும் உணர்வை காதல் என்று மயங்கி மணந்து,பின் பிணங்கி பிரியும் இளைஞரிலும் பெண்களைவிட ஆண்களே அதிகம்

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    Hello Vasudevan,
    I request you to please write in English language too. It's because many people visiting our site may not understand Tamil language and by viewing this they will definitely gets disappoint and may not return to our site again. Moreover there is a problem with Google ad sense also. Google will not understand regional languages, and may no place suitable adds in our site.

    So, Please write the English part also. Hope you understand.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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