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    Do politics need a qualification exam to get in

    Following our political history since 40 years
    one can see that politics does not need any qualificaton to enter in it.

    This i feel is the main cause of degradement in that particular profession.

    we saw rowdies,anti religious,bribers,antisocial people entering into politics.

    we also saw some Royal family politics entering into this profession and ruling the country since a decade.....

    Till now we cant say INDIA as a devoloped country?
    we have resource,man power but where is the empowerment?

    i think unlike in any other profession
    if we make politics as a profession
    we cant see a sound politician...
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    Anita if your suggestion is taken then no person dare to enter the politics as most of them are illiterate .Politics is the last profession which does not require any qualifications.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Yes,Mohan sir what you are saying is the fact
    but when is the change is going to happen

    Do not we have the right to bring the change?

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    Good poser again. Good persons are not allowed to contest. You should have either push or pull to join the politics. Because of lots of money has to be spent and if one looses then he will become made. So politics is not the cup of tea for the ordinary people.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Yes ,there should be a qualification for entering politics .It is not the educational.Service mind should be the basis and not the degrees.
    we can see well qualified men are falling at the feet of other to get a seat in assembly or parliament .Majority of our representatives are educated and the result is as you mentioned.But non qualified Kamaraj,MGR ,Kakkanjee were good politicians comparing other educated .
    (படித்தவன் சூது செய்தால் அய்யோன்னு போவான் -பாரதி)The well educated PM is going on increasing price of petrol and gold .The well educated Chidambaram shooting youth of Jammu and Kashmir who throw stones on police for opposing their atrocities .
    If you really wish agood govt then you choose a party with good policy and don't search for individuals

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    அரசியலில் படிப்புக்கு மதிப்பு இல்லை, தேவையும் இல்லை . படிக்காதவன் தான் படித்தவனை ஆள்வான் . Politics does not require a qualification and not necessary too. Illiterates always boss over the learned people. And thats the pathetic situation. An IAS officer who struggled hard to qualify and has some plans to change the system has to listen to the tune of illiterate Minister at the helm to follow him.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    It is not the pathetic ;it is democracy .These illiterates give money to govt as indirect taxes .They toil and spend all the money to their food and life.95 % of the people are poor and they give more money than educated rich .The money of the govt is of poor and it is going to the pockets of rich via govt.
    The IAS who struggled hard to pass , fail to give even drinking water to the people after 63 years of freedom .Is this knowledge?They should have teach the people what is the reason for this position?How to rectify? But our knowledgeable IAS became selfish to be the agents of rich .So I don't have any faith on the intellectuals,well educated and so called literates.It is who toil in the factories and in lands are coming to the streets to struggle against the wrong doings of the govts.

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    i think vasudevan is totally against literates,what we are talking about freedom was given by Mahatma Gandhi,Jawaharlal Nehru,Dr.Ambedkar who is literate.

    Without him there is no Independence for India.

    Now as we have freedom of thought,speech etc that basic thing would have not become possible.Also we could not be able to post such messages without these literates.

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    Yes, there should be a qualification exam in order to get into politics. When we do this, perhaps, many of the present politicians may find a place in the dustbin. But we shall get better politician who can lead the country.

    The qualification exam need not be like our written exams or oral exams. This exam should be one of testing their character, determination to serve the country, and values they hold.

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    John Bosco by the way welcome again after a long time. If your suggestion has be to be taken, then there wont be any politicians in Tamilnadu. Good people dont bother politics, Educated lots have their own priorities in the life. Then Politicians with qualification is a difficult task to think even. Even by mistake a educated person did manage into the politics he will be prevailed upon by the seniors in Politics to behave.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    I am not against educated but against to disqualify the uneducated .And comparatively educated not taking interest in politics.The voting voters are only 50-60% 40%voters don't vote in which educated are major portion that means they are lacking a minimum responsibility

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    All these things are may be right,but how long are we going to sustain this?
    There should be a solution.
    If the Politics is made as an carrier option in schools and colleges and
    also it should have a greater income option,then as in IT field this Field can also see some great Politicians with Smart brains

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    We do not learn politics correctly.We name some leaders and after some time we lose faith in them .Basic aspects of politics are not leaders but policies.Economy of the society decides politics.Parties and leaders are the tools of classes .Some parties are of capitalist ideology and some are of toilers .They are fighting continuously ;but they are not in public.They keep themselves in the background and make the parties to fight.We think cong and BJP are against each other .But industrialists and landlords are the bosses of these parties and they put these parties in front of us.In fact if any one of these two parties get success the gain is to the same sections. In the name of democracy a shadow fighting is shown to us as if there is a fight.All these parties alternatively win and raise the price ,unemployment ,illiteracy ,etc.The real politics should be on policies.Which policy should govern and which should not be decided by the people.90%of the people work hard to the benefit of rich and should be reversed

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