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    Discuss: Do you think any other movie beat the record of "Endhiran" in future?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you think any other movie beat the record of "Endhiran" in future?'.
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    Like ENTHIRAN many movies will come in the future definitely. Now many Producers dare to invest huge money to take very good movies with a good director and Hero.

    However, In future many technical inventions will be there which makes the movies very attractive and different from normal one.

    So far We did not know SANKAR will take a movie like ENTHIRAN, like that any talented one will take Very good Movie in coming years.



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    May come or may not.But if you want to beat it in investment it is a waste.If you want to beat its income it is a robbery.if it is to beat story wise there are plenty better than this.It is encashing on Rajini,Iswarya and Sankars name .Technology is used to say the same hero x villain story .the difference is now a villain is also Rajini and in the character of Robo.It is fighting for Iswarya .It is unbearable.

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    One thing is sure. Enthiran has made a beginning of filming lavish cinema for tamil audience and that has become a bench mark now. Movies with less standard than Enthiran will not have takers. Now other producers in Tamil film world are also in the fix as they are habituated to film on folk or village set up and make money. Making films on the lines of Enthiran requires lots of investments and more Kalanidhimarans are requird now.

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    To my view a cinema is not about the budget but its about the story and the way the director presents it.There are number of films which were taken with huge budget and were flops and there were also films which were of small budget and were superhit.
    To me graphics,animation only contribute very less percentage to films,only the story and the screenplay makes them a hit.
    Recent hit Mynaa was not a high budget film,but it got accredited for its story.
    Lets not bring dowm the hope of budding directors who want to give people different kinds of story irrespective of budget

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    Enthiran is a begining not end.know we can see that many flims taken with low investment get great success.After enthirans hit many come forwad to take flims with high investment.There is improvement in new technology every second. so we will see new flim which will beet enthiran in all aspects with in limited days.

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    I don't think that the Endhiran movie is 'The best movie' in Tamil film industry. The Endhiran movie particularly lacks something as such. All the plans and the ideas in the movies are perfect but the execution part of it lacks to greater extent. I personally feel that there are many unwanted scenes in the Endhiran movie that can be avoided. And also the technology that was shown was not up to the mark. The story of the Movie was literally copied from other hollywood movies like Bicentennial man and I Robot. The story line seem to be 10 years outdated as it was written before 10 years.

    I feel that Shankar should have made some more perfection in that movie so that the movie would have hit the history. But now as such the movie has taken its investment back but it is not in theaters now. I definitely think that there will be an even more good movie in the future that is not like Endhiran Movie. Most of the people may like the movie but i think the movie is not up to the mark and expectation.

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