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    Discuss: Silk Saree with 1330 Tirukkural versus. Are we degrading Tirukkural ?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Silk Saree with 1330 Tirukkural versus. Are we degrading Tirukkural ?'.

    K Mohan
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    Hi friend,
    Thirukkural and silk saree are always best of its kind.Thirukkural stands top of the poetical contributions of any poets and Silk thread goes top of its kind in the insects contribution of any insects to humans.Printing the great Thirukkural in the silk saree will not degrade its unique nature.This work on this saree should be held in any of the great museums or other places of public interest.This will surely bring awareness among the people about this poetical contribution.

    with regards,

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    Hi Arul

    Good thought Arul, a very nice way of seeing it in a different angel, a good positive answer too!

    How did u dig out this forum thread which was created in 2010 and went unasnwered so long, as i have previusly tried going backwards few pages in the forum but it stops and does not take to so back to check all the old forum threads.


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