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    Editors please know how to edit first

    Dont be such ruthless for rejecting the contributions. We are not working here for any remuneration or this a job. We spend lot of time to contribute and with a single click editors bent upon rejecting even genuine posts. Attitude must change.

    K Mohan
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    Hello mohan,
    Can you tell what should we learn?? What made you to think? Can you tell what genuine post of yours has rejected?

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Kranthi Kiran i am the member of ISC and other 7 spider sites. My posts are being accepted without any rejections. But only in this site i being insulted with repeated rejections even they are genuine own posts. Same postings i am making elsewhere and getting immediate acceptance and why rejection here. If posts get rejected a member gets dejected. But i wont deter. You have taken away my posting rights for photos too. I can see many members posted pictures of same characters several times and got immediate approvals.

    I think i am being stopeed to become a diamond member here. I am near the threshold of making that happen.

    Some time back i posted a thread regarding my total points clarification for that no reply so far.

    I am not happy with editors here.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Hello Mohan,
    You first statement: "You have taken away my posting rights for photos too". It is because the photos you are posting have no proper description. We have been telling this for many times but it seems you never bother what we say. Why will we delete your posts if you follow proper guidelines. Because of you only I posted a separate forum thread in TSR. Copied content in tamilsider is NOT ALLOWED - Guidelines.

    Your second statement: I think i am being stopped to become a diamond member here. What kind of a question is this Mohan. Can you tell one advantage of avoiding you to become a diamond member. Seriously Mohan, I don't know what your problem is. In fact by loosing one's contribution this particular site loose it shine. Before commenting on others try to look at your past once. There are many contributors in Tamilspider, till now not even one has raised their doubts on editing, because Me and Balasubramanian will discuss before awarding any points or cash credits to any section in TSR.

    We are now in 3 rd place in all sister sites because we follow strict guidelines. I can say confidently, if we have allowed your copied posts, we won't be at that position.

    And can you please explain these questions Mohan?
    1. Which is the other Country competing with India to grab second spot in ongoing CWG ?
    2. What is the recent milestone of Sachin Tendulkar ?
    3. India's rice production to miss........million tonnes this year ?
    Please think while posting questions. Think twice before posting, think about standards. The question 1 varies from time to time. If a person sees that question after 1 month? What answer will he put Mohan? Hah tell me?

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Thanks Kranthi for taking pain to convince me or correct me. Till recent past many of my photos where approved and suddenly it was rejected even though the conents were good as per me.

    There may be many contributors, but many of them joined in between and i tasted the worst part of bad experience here in terms of wholesome rejection of my photos and points in the garb of new rules. Remember technically i was already a diamond member of this site very long back and in the garb of default and actual points i am being demoted from diamond to gold. I dont think any member has got this kind of humiliation. Even today my top score is reflected above 7000 mark. I too can understand that this site is fast developing and you be our mentor or guide and sure we will be with you.

    I really appreciate Yours and Bala's hard work to maintain third place of this site. Just because of my posting if this site is suffering to surge ahead then i dont beleive it.

    Coming to the questions i posted on current affairs.

    The slot itself shows that we must post current affair questions. And at present what ever is going on is reflected there. If the options given below the question are read together then my post do have some meaning. I think you have outrightly rejected my questions without even bothering to see my answers options. If the current affairs are not reflected in this slot then please remove that slot itself.

    See Kranthi i am here to help this site growing and not having any ill feeling to flay anybody or something else. Just i love to contribute in all sites and here too. Let me do my little work here and be my friend, philosopher, guide and and above all my brother.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Hi Mohan
    First of all I always insist on editors to pay respect to members and same applies to members too, especially senior members who know the sites from core.

    I really appreciate your intention for this site and not only this but other regional sites too, and that is why whenever any editor had to delete or reject any of your post, they take the effort to inform you, guide you, convince you so that your hard work should get a right direction, if you would have followed, I am sure you would have crossed diamond level long before.

    We always appreciate, encourage and adore good contributors but then those who not only do hard work but also smart work. I agree that you are not here for remuneration and neither this is a job, but then even if not harmful no one want to fill their home with contents of very less or negligible value. Make your posts valuable and then I dont think you will have any complaints further.

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    Thanks Sanjeev for responding and agreeing to the point that editors must respect members and also support the view that members respect the editors.

    Technically i had already crossed diamond level here. Still my querry on this is unaswered.

    You have advised me to post good value articles and i appreciated your advise for the same. Off late you might have seen i making some sincere efforts to post resources too. Please open the photo content and i promise i will post site relevent content.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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