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    Communism in Tamilnadu

    As everyone one knows, Tamilnadu is the best place in India where the respect for individuals is highly appreciated. Also we have one of the highest daily wagers. But still communism doesn't have a significant mark in Tamilnadu politics. The communism and unions are still following either DMK or ADMK. What do you think, whether communist leaders don't have enough potential to lead or the parties DMK and ADMK doing the best for the members than the communist party?
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    கம்யூனிஸ்ட் கட்சியில் சிறந்த தலைவர்கள் உள்ளனர்.ஆனால் ஊடகங்கள் எல்லாமே அவர்களை எதிர்த்துப் பிரச்சாரம் செய்கின்றன .அவர்களின் சிறந்த தொண்டுகள் மறைக்கப்படுகின்றன.காரணம் அவை யெல்லாமே பெரும் கோடீஸ்வரர்களிடம் உள்ளவை.மக்கள் இந்த ஊடகங்களைத்தாண்டி உண்மைகளை உணரும் நிலையில் இல்லை. உலகமயம், தாராளமயம் வந்தபிறகு தொழிலாளர்கள் கூட தன் பெண்டு ,தன் பிள்ளை ,தன் சுற்றம் என மாறிவிட்டனர்.படித்தவர்களோ எப்படியாவது முன்னேறி தன் பிள்ளைகளை இஞ்சினியர்,மருத்துவர் என படிக்கவைத்து அமெரிக்கா அனுப்புவதே வாழ்நாள் கடமையாகக் கொண்டு வெறியாய் அலைகின்றனர்

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    What you said is correct. No one cares about the country or others. People became more selfish. Some communist leaders are travelling in 2nd class in trains. But they were not appreciated much when compared to other party leaders or even their subordinates who have all the assets with the bribe money. Money has changed the people minds. Also people are addicted to anything that are offered at free of cost. Education is offered at cost and colour TV is offered at free of cost. Unless people change their minds, they will not be able to get a good leader who rules them.

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    On this day of resignation of Mr Raja the telecoms minister it is again worthy to know about communists.They rule over 33 yrs in west Bengal and Tripura and Kerala .They were /are nt charged with corruption .Once Mr Nirupen Chakarabarthy ,10 yrs CM of Tiripura vacated his office and came to his party office to reside as he had no house or family to him .He brought only two suitcases as his otal wealth .One had full of books and another had his dresses.News papers told that story with the caption ;WONDER;BUT TRUE.

    It is a loss only to the people to ignore the communists

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    What about the development of West Bengal, Kerala and Tiripura? Why malayalees are in everywhere of the world? Non communist State are doing better than communist states.

    What about Pinaryi Vijayan in Kerala?

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    We should understand West Bengal,Kerala and Tripura are the states in a capitalistic country that is India. States are helpless to change the policy of the country .They have limited powers .So it is not the communist governments .
    In that limited power it had a great improvement in various aspects.Once WB is a dark state without current .Now it is giving electricity to others.It is the state which took a lot of land by implementing the land reforms and has distributed to poor.The total lands distributed in India WB has 40% lands .it is a great achievement .Many program mes such as unemployment allowance for youth ,old age pension for agri labours,33% seat allotment for ladies 8 hrs duty for police ,assn for police ,14 things of grocery in ration shops were implemented in that state as first in India .There is no religious or caste struggles in west bengal for 33 yrs.In Kocutta the cost of rupee is higher than other city which means ha the cost of living is lower comparing o other big cities according to the central govt statistics .Now Kerala has implemented 50%for ladies in local bodies and this month Tripura is going to implement the same.
    Please make a note that these achievements are attained with hardships as the central govt was always opposing to help.For ruling
    33yrs continuously is not an easy job without the support of the people .

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    Maran thanks for bringing this hot topic to this forum and i appreciate the member who have reacted to it well. But Communism has failed to take its entry in TN so far. Why and what is the reason that must be probed. The adjacent state is having communist cadre and TN does not represent even a single leader from left or right. Communists are known for fighting to the labour class and TN has many problems in that sector but left parties fail to capitalise on that count.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    The problem is not with them but ours.We are fed with the wrong news items from the medias that are owned by millionaires.They always try to mislead the people according to their whims and fancies . Their policy is dead against communism which will stop their atrocities on labours.Naturally they poison people with anti communist propaganda .If you want to know about communists on any subject it should be taken from their organs ; but people always take it from capitalists media and create themselves wrong opinions .
    Now all over Tamil nadu communists are struggling for he working class ,women ,minorities and dalits .Com A .Soundarajan ,was arrested and put in jail for guiding the workers of Nokia ;the police put handcuff to him ,a great leader of workers,a candidate of north madras MP constitution as if he is a murderer .The govt serve the foreign company as a slave.We close our eyes not to see the sacrifice being done by the communists.Stand a while and give ears to communist meetings

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    Power Shortage is available in WB too. Please Refer the link. But they have less compared to other states. At the Sametime we have too see the Power requirement also. Power requirement in WB is half of the other big states. So, the availability or Power generation in WB is less compared to other big states. This might be because of Industrializtion.

    You are justifying 'unemployment allowance for youth' in WB is correct. But you are against the free schemes in TN.

    I don't know whether religious or caste struggles happened in WB or not. but what about Nandhigram and Singur? As far as I know, Political struggle and murders between the parties are very high comapred to other states.

    Communist are in power for the past 33 years because opponent party in that state was very weak. Congress also made compromise with communist because it needed communist's support for its central government. Lets see what is going to happen in the upcoming Assembly election.

    Communist also have the television channel in Kerala. Now a days Why WB and Kerala governments allow FDI in their states?

    Indian communists are having the following 2 principles.
    1. Blindly oppose US
    2. Blindly support China

    What about Pinaryi Vijayan and Smart City project in Kerala?

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Communists blindly support none or oppose none ;it may be India,China,Russia ,USA .It is not in the name ; but in policy.We people are fed through medias of opposite parties to communists.We do not hear or see what communists say on anything.You read Dinamalar,Dinamani or Sun tv etc as if they are neutral .But they are the mouth piece of millionaires .Would they give against themselves .We should at least read Theekathir.
    One fine morning a gentleman came to cong party office and joined in it.The next day India's whole finance is at his hand ;yes ,he is the finance minister .How is it possible?In 'Anbe Sivam ' you should have noted a street play.In it a rope from first floor direct the activities of men who are on the road .Like this ex IMF officer became finance minister and then PM .Please connect these points and agreements with USA .It is simple politics.USA indirectly through money dictates terms and our govt dancing to the tune.

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    Communists never against free schemes in Tamil Nadu.They always welcome these schemes.Actually all over our state it is struggling in the roads to implement correctly these schemes.It feels upto the time of basical change people should get temporary relief such as ration system,unemployment allowance etc

    In west bengal maximum of land distribution attained .so the next stage is industrialisation to give employment to youth The educational growth and buying capacity of the people had increased through land reforms.So it is planning to bring some factories .Central govtand Trinamul are against because if the plan of industrialisation then the communists could not be defeated.So with the help of CIA ,maoists and all reactionary forces joining hands with misinformation s .It is happening in Singur .In Nandigram you will wonder if you know that a single cent of land was taken .Actually it was a central plan .The state govt was discussing it.As there was opposition it declared that the plan was dropped.But all forces except left joined and cried in high pitch and hurled bombs on police and killed constables and public who supported left.Communists are not against FDR ;but the conditions coming with it are dangerous in nature.If they give commission other govts accept all the conditions they want (Bopal Tragedy Anderson was taken in a private plane with the escort of Collector and DSP to Delhi and he escaped to USA)But in Bengal it is discussed so that it can not violate the rules of land .(SEE what happening in Nokia )
    It may be defeated in coming election as there is only one policy among other parties that is no to left.Cong and BJP ,Muslim League .maoists ,trinamul are joining hands together .If left join with BJP it can win cong in parliament election.But it will never happen as left are not opportunistic.Reg electricity I saw it from West Bengal official announcement in an advt .I will search for more evidence

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    I would like to know why China's communist alone accepts globalization?
    See the alliance of Left parties in TN for past 10-15 years Since I don't know much about of earlier politics. Communists are switching alliance between ADMK and DMK. Communist are equal to PMK in alliance switching. They would say because of their principles. How their principles accepts a party for time being and oppose it after some time.
    Best example is Siruthavoor Bangla issue. Why double standards in that?

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Thank you for raising these doubts that are always pointed at communists . Communism has no ready made answers to all issues in all countries .The basic Marxism is applied for solving to all problems according to the accurate situation of that soil .So through their long experience from 1949 China decided to develop its strength and the world came to an end avoiding and isolating China as it is the biggest market in the world.So China also accepted the technology and investments with conditions.(Not like India yielding to IMF conditions)They,China, laid conditions to install factories in border districts and after fixed period it would be taken to the govt of china.That companies accepted for it will give them a gain as its biggest market a small % of gain also a great relief to them economically.This helped China to improve China.But abiding for IMF conditions we get loss of employment ,price rise etc.Finally we should understand that internationalists like Communuists would never say no to FDI but only to the laided conditions along with FDI that are against our welfare with our 300 yrs of experience of slavery to East India Company.

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    The next point is alliance .Please be patient and analyse open minded without prejudice .First of all we should realise that we are in a state which is a small part of a great nation India.It is ruled for 60 yrs by capitalists ,landlords and foreign companies.Political parties that represent these section Cong and BJP are major political parties ruling India.They are the main reasons for India's present situation as the central govt is the major power in finance,administration ,legal ,force ,geographical situation.Its domination is the main cause of peoples misery .So communists decide that the central power is the main enemy to the people.Defeating them could not be done alone by communists .So they have to align with sections who wants to fight with these major enemies. Left are ruling three states and with these force DMK/AIADMK though a smaller force would help to defeat cong/BJP .People in Tamil Nadu think that CPM is a small party only by taking its TN strength .A deep political knowledge would accept we are at the time of election add DMK /ADMK to our help to fight with big enemy of the people at that election and to defend people from the worst policy/party .
    Here emotional thinking would not help to the people .Our election method is not democratic as needed.Polling % is 50-60.other 40% avoid voting .In polled votes winner gets 30-40% . Naturally if we took the maximum the winner gets only 40 x 60 = 24 % voters in total votes .So a minimum share of votes also is needed to fulfill our stand that the biggest enemy of the people in ths election should be defeated and peoples should be defended from the most danger.So we use these opportunistic forces like DMK/ADMK/PMK/TDP/ SP/JD(S) in simple all secular forces.We know that these parties are not good but to avoid the most dangerous party to capture power it is unavoidable.
    They more over feel that at the time of election only we should fight for the welfare of the people.When the govt decide to attack with a worst action say raising petrol price people should come to roads and should fight for their welfare .Then only that action could be driven to backwards.So election only is not the solution to evils of the people.
    Communists know that these valid points would not be understood and they would think communists are for only two or three seats .But they are thinking wrongly yielding by the mis propaganda of the all medias .For this they should not be punished by the bad govt.So they go their way to defend people accepting bad name as sacrifice and in faith one day they will understand .
    They should be understood in the context of the history that Com Jothi Basu was thrice offered with PM post and he declined.At the time of UPA I,left had 61 MP seats and if it is power monger it would have got Vice PM post and many cabinet posts as DMK and PMK got.(PMK got 4 MPs and got Anbumani as Health Minister ).So they count only the welfare of the people not just MP/MLA seats.
    As we go in train the trees outside the windows are looked like that they are traveling in opposite direction .Likewise DMK/ADMK often changing sides .Communists stand still on opposing cong.Who decide to oppose cong come to communists .This is the true position.Communists never change ideological stands as these opportunistic parties .What can they do?

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    Communists don't have any rights to call DMK/ADMK/PMK/TDP/ SP/JD(S) are opportunistic forces. Do they continuously oppose Cong? They supported Cong government in Central. Is true or not?
    Why communist in TN having an alliance with AIADMK? JJ publicly offering her support to Cong. If Communists are stick to its principle, the next day it should come out from that alliance. They simply want 8 assembly seats and 2 MP seats. That is true. PMK also can justify its stand on switching alliance. In my point of view PMK and Communist are same.

    The Congress was the principle opposition in Kerala. At the same time, the communist supports the Congress in central. How can you call this? This is not opportunism in your point? Don't say like it is because of welfare of people and nation. I think Congress has the same principle all over India.

    In late 90s and UPA I, they got a chance to be part of central government. Why they didn't accept it? They don't have capability to rule the country? Why communists were afraid to take responsibility? Simply talking can't give solution for anything. They know very well that country's growth is not possible without globalization. Once they are a part of government they can't oppose US and even can't talk about their dead principles.

    The party which supports simply minority community can't be a secular force. In India so called secular forces have created wrong definition for Secularism simply for vote bank politics. Terrorism in India is growing because of these fake secular forces.

    My simple question
    Do Indian / TN Communist have guts to speak about Siruthavoor Bangla and Sethu Samuthiram project now?

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    As I told earlier CPM never aligned with cong except at the period of UPA I period .At that time to avoid BJP the most dangerous party in ruling for the consecutive period after 6yrs worst ruling.

    Communists are not in alliance with AIADMK there is no need to come out .It will only be decided at the time of election.You see in west bengal ,kerala and tripura they have alliance with other parties namely left front/left and democratic front on agreed principles /issues with others.But in other states they have only seat adjustments to avoid the split of votes in defeating main enemy and to have the right to fight with the govt if they come to rule on issues against people. In recent bi election too it supported admk in its own separate stage as DMK allied with cong .When JJ announced they would support cong if Raja made resigned as a tactically move CPM openly opposed .
    In last month too CPM leaders met Stalin to press for taking action on Siruthavoor .Two months back they passed a resolution in Chinglepet NILA MEETPU MANADU to take the lands in siruthavoor and distribute to dalits.This is their basic policy .They won't give up for petty election benefit.Sedhu samudram project also they still demanding.Recently too their youth wing DYFI went on a rally demanding that project.Why should they give up it ?
    You are charging Communists are for only 2 mp and 8 mla s; in the next line you are charging they didn't accept power in central govt .Is this not contradictory.
    it proves that they are in the line of policy not for mp/mla/minister
    They want to defeat BJP and cong .In kerala ,west bengal ,tripura states it can be done on their own strength .So they fight against both in these forces.But they have no strength so they choose to defeat most dangerous between these two and supported cong /UPA in centre . you should see if they did not do so the BJP can be called to form govt. It is only for the people as they supported without minister berths.
    Without enough strength they can't get successfully stop the cong in their wrong doings against people.Do you want communists to be a partner to cong to attack people? They would never.
    Yes you are correct.Here secularism is mistakenly understood .But not by communists.By the govts and others.Religion should be their personal to a man.if they come to govt they should be APART FROM ALL RELIGIONS.It is secularism .But here they JOIN WITH ALL RELIGIONS.

    Terrorism grow by the govt.Sacchar commision report says Muslims are below to dalits after 60 yrs of secular govts of socialistic democratic republic of India.They support Israel against the basic policy of India up to the period of Rajiv from Nehruji joining hands with USA which is also against cong's basic policy against. nehru,indira.
    Terrorists of Hindu and MUslims are to be condemned.Communists also condemn terrorism of majority and minority religions.But terrorists to be separated from religion.All hindus are not terrorists and all muslims are not terrorists.

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    My Simple question is Communists are known very well that Congress is going to attack the people if they form government. Then why it supported 4.5 years? I say it is the Opportunism. During that where their policies went? You didn't say any about double standards of communist in Kerala and Center.

    Prefer an alliance during the election time based on other parties and number of seats was offered is good? So they are not forming an alliance based on their policies?

    Of course communist have strength in Kerala, WB and Tripura. No second thought on it. But they are begging for seats in all other states.

    I understand that "Communist will go to any extend to stop BJP to form Govt" from your statement. Is it correct?

    Communist have the same kind of aggressiveness in Siruthavoor and Sethu samuthram project? I don't think so.

    Why communists are keeping mum on Absal Guru and Arunal Pradhesh issue with China?

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    So only a common minimum programme was formuulated between UPA I parties and it was supported by left parties.As you correctly mentioned it was supported to avoid BJP ruling. In our democracy (?) there is only chance to select a more danger party than most danger party.

    As I earlier mentioned ,a small portion of votes too should not be wasted in fighting the forces that is against the people.Left is demanding propotionate representation to avoid this type of seat adjustment but the other parties not accepting this.So it is unavoidable in our election method.As you are saying if left avoids such method there would be more strengthened cong .So the alliance.If you think it for one or two seats then why did thrice CPM rejected Prime minister post.And at the time of UPA I period many cabinet including deputy PM could be got.Why did it happen?People should proud to this on CPM if they understand properly.
    Siruthavoor issue is raised by communists not by BJP or DMK and till now it is trying for it.It is pity that DMK is avoiding to take action on ADMK as they are both same having policy on lands for which you are charging CPM as it is in power.
    Arunachal issue is an border issue which is scheduled to talk between two govts and it would be settled by international norms and China and India could be friends in near future.
    Absal Guru is not in first in line of cases for hanging and it would be taken by seniority according to the law of our soil

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    I am saying alliance between Congress and Communists in 2004 is opportunism. Do you agree with it or not? If not, please define what opportunism is.

    How can a party to serve for the people? Only if they are in power. You also agree that Communists got PM post thrice. Then why are avoiding to take responsibility? How the people will select communists again if they are not ready to be part of power?

    You agree that DMK and ADMK having the same policies and it is against communists policies. Then why communists form an alliance with them? Why they compromising in their policies? If DMK and ADMK follow anti people policy and Communists are having people friendly policy then why don't they create awareness among people? Then what is the use of their own policies. How can people believe communists? Again and again don't blame the media. Communists are also having media power.

    Failure of communism in India has either 2 reasons.
    1. Communists policies are wrong
    2. Communists don't have the capability to rule multi colored India or they are lazy to spread their policies among the people.

    Absal Guru and others are same? The persons like Absal guru and Gasab should be hanged immediately. Crores and crores of people seen Gasab and Absal Guru's crime in live. But what is the use? How they got this much of courage? Definitely it is the failure of India's judiciary and Indian Government. We have to rethink about our judiciary system. Otherwise have to see these kind of terrorist activities again and again.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Thank you for your non compromising discussion and searching for the truth tirelessly.

    It is the support of left after the election .Not in alliance with cong nationally at that time of 2004 or at any time in history.The cong and its alliance that is UPA didn't got sufficient seats to majority.If UPA is not ready for rule then president would call BJP/NDA. What should left do in that situation.Allowing BJP?So it pressed for a common minimum programme between of the govt of UPA and if it is acceptable to left they will support.Cong framed CMP and then only left gave support for govt.You see that after election any govt should be formed .There is no other choice .In that period also. only communists fought on wrong doings of UPA such as petrol price hike etc till Atomic agreement.

    Communists are not sanyasis to oppose power.Actually they are ruling in three states .They do not believe cong on which support JothiBasu could be a PM.What happened in case of Chandrasekar.Cong toppled that govt on the charge that a policeman was drinking tea in front of Rajiv gandhis home saying that he is a spy.This stain would have fall on left .They won't allow to rule or implement left policies .The experience in West bengal had taught very much on cong as it was laying hurdles in that state always.Will that party allow left to rule India?

    Regarding DMK/ADMK/TDP/JD (S)/SP/RJD/BJD LJS etc it is very simple all forces of secular must be brought to fight BJPand cong.Left is using what comes with them in this fight.DMK and ADMK changing their stand often.If DMK support cong ,cong DMK come to left.If ADMK
    support cong ,DMK come to left .And left is accepting in the fight with BJP and cong.Don't see in number of seats see the policy .When these two parties supported Cong and BJP left stood individually.There is their firmness in policy.

    Communists policy is not a wron one.That policy is accepted by all.Our country's name is in constitution having 'socialistic'.cong policy was drawn in AVdi cong by Nehruji as 'Socialistic model'.DMK at the time of Anna ,They were saying DMK is the original Communist party ;Kalaignar was /is famous for hs quotation 'if i dont find periyar or anna i would have in hands with P.Ramamurthy ,A.Nalla sivam/R Nallakannu.MGR was saying Annayism is the collection of communism,socialism,and capitalism.

    Not capable to rule? No; but you can say the strength as the capitalistic force is stronger with money ,power,medias (except Theekathir which is run in very loss)and above the people without political knowledge is the main reason.But left will win oneday .

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    please give strait answer to my question.

    Communists got 60+seats in 2004 Loksabha elections. All of them are anti congress votes except very very seats. Do you agree it or not?

    But Communists had alliance with the same Congress after the election. is it Opportunism or not? If communists got anti BJP vote and supported Congress then somewhat it is acceptable.

    I say Communists cheated the people in 2004. People replied to communists in 2009 election. is it true or not?

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    No ,Communists in their election manifesto declared that their first aim is to defeat NDA govt at any cost to safeguard our country's unity and peace .second and third aim were to strengthen the left and cpm .To avoid BJP govt they had to support UPA.

    In 2009 it was a different battle .A strong propaganda against communists that they were against electricity and they tried to topple a govt .Actually they could not educate the people the dangers of the agreement with America .It is because of the weakest money power of communists

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