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    Keyword based resource contest- Tamil Recipes

    Hi Members,
    Tamilspider is gradually growing faster and faster and we are again here with another contest. The new keyword based resource contest is on the topic Tamil Recipes. This time the winner will be selected as the number of resources he submitted. The judgment of the articles will be purely based on title, contents and presentation only, pictures are allowed if they are not copyright protected and not unacceptable. The main emphasis should be to use keyword Tamil Recipes as much as possible but shouldn't look as spam.

    Resource must be submitted in the resources section under Knowledge Sharing Categories >> Recipes and a link to the resource must be posted below as a response.

    Sample titles:
    1. Tamil special recipe Kothu parotta
    2. How to make Tamil recipe Poondu Sadham

    Important points to remember while writing Tamil Recipes resource
    1. Do NOT copy the resources form the websites.
    2. Before writing the actual recipe (Ex: How to make Tamil recipe Tamil sambar), members should write about the particular resource (Ex:Tamil sambar) about 10 sentences with good keywords.
    3. Top-3 members, who have posted most number of Articles, will be eligible for the award.
    4. Minimum of 20 Resources must for winning the contest.
    5. Word Tamil Recipe must and should be in the title.

    Prize Money of Tamil Recipes – Contest

    1. 1st Prize Winner – Rs. 100 + 100-Points
    2. 2nd Prize Winner – Rs. 75 + 75-Points
    3. 3rd Prize Winner – Rs. 50 + 50-Points

    Last date of submission : 10th Nov 2010

    So hurry up and provide as much information of Tamil Recipes as you can.
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    Hello Sir

    Really glad to know about this contest. Hope lot of members will participate in this contest.

    I want to know, whether I can refer to the Tamil Nadu recipe already posted by me in this TSR as one of my resource under this contest.



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    Hello Sowmya,
    I don think you can refer your old posts, because this time winner will be selected as the number of resources he submitted. So, by referring the old posts you will have slight edge than other members. Again, unnecessary questions will be raised. And Sowmya, sorry for disappointing you. I can't help it.
    So, its better to start fresh and contribute as much information of Tamil Recipes as you can.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Nice and very interesting topic "Tamil Recipes." Last time I missed the contest about Tamil newspapers, but this time definitely I will participate and contribute more with healthy Keywords.


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    No problem Mr.Kranthi Kiran, I asked you just for clarification. It's indeed a good title wherein we can contribute more in this contest.

    Thanks and Regards


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    This is my Entries for Keyword based resource contest Tamil Recipes.
    Entry:1 How To Prepare Tamil Nadu Sambar

    Entry:2 Tamil Style Vermicelli Payasam Recipe Preparation

    Entry:3 Tamil Recipe Tamarind Rice

    Entry:4 How to MakeTamil Nadu Style Chicken Biryani Recipe

    Entry:5 Tamilnadu Fish Cutlet Recipe

    Entry:6 How to Prepare Ragi Semiya Tamil Recipe

    Entry:7 Chettinad Mutton Kuzhambu Recipe

    Entry:8 How to Make Chettinad Vellai Paniaram

    Entry:9 Kids Recipe Tamilnadu Vegetable Uppama Preparation

    Entry:10 Tamilnadu Sweet Pongal Recipe Sakkarai pongal Recipe

    Entry:11 Tamilnadu Vegetarian Dish Carrot Vada

    Entry:12 Tamil Style Fish Curry Recipe

    Entry:13 Tamil Food Menu Onion Rawa Dosa Recipe

    Entry:14 Traditional Tamil Dishes Ven Pongal Recipe Tamil Style

    Entry:15 Tamilnadu cookery Recipe Thengai Sadam Cocunut Rice

    Entry:16 Tamil Festival Recipes Delicious Thenga Poli

    Entry:17 Tamilnadu Festival Diwali sweet Recipes Paruppu Poli Recipe

    Entry:18 Tamil Prawn Recipes Chettinad Prawn Gravy

    Entry:19 Tamil Diwali Festival Recipes Ribbon Pakoda Recipe

    Entry:20 Tamil Festival Sweets Recipe Carrot Halwa Recipe

    Entry:21 Tamil Festival Respi Coconut Burfi Sweet

    Entry:22 Tamil Vegetarian Dishes Samayal | Tamil Nadu Vegetable Biryani Recipe

    Entry:23 Tamilnadu Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Oats Dosa Recipe Tamilnadu Style


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    Have a look at my Entries to the contest Tamil Recipes:

    1st Entry: How to Make Tamil Recipe Sambar.

    2nd Entry: How to Make Tamil Recipe Masala Dosai..

    3rd Entry: Side Dish Made Easy With Tamil Recipe Coconut Chutney.

    4th Entry: Tamil Nadu Traditional Tamil Recipe Avial.

    5th Entry: Authentic Traditional Tamil Recipe Tamarind Rice

    6th Entry: Tempting and Yummy Tamil Recipe Chakkara Pongal (Sweet Pongal).

    7th Entry: Perfect South Indian Side Dish Tamil Recipe - Vadu Maanga/Mavadu.

    8th Entry: Simple and Healthy Tamil Recipe Vegetable Upma.

    9th Entry: Angaya Podi - Great Grandma's Ancient Tamil Recipe.

    10th Entry: Rava Milk Halwa - Tamil Sweet Recipe.

    11th Entry: Paruppu Usili South Indian Tamil Recipe

    12th Entry: Onion Rava Dosa - a Crispy Tamil Recipe for Breakfast/Tea time Recipe.

    13th Entry: Thayir Vadai or Curd Vada - A Great Tamil Recipe for Hot Summer.

    14th Entry: Vegetable Cutlet A Simple and Very Tasty Tamil Recipe for Your Evening Snack.

    15th Entry: Vanghi Bhath/Brinjal Rice - Tamil Recipe with Southern Flavours.

    16th Entry: Payatham Paruppu Payasam(Moong Dal Kheer) - Navarathri Special Tamil Recipe

    17th Entry: Sprouted Green Gram Rice- Great Diabetic Tamil Recipe

    18th Entry: Brinjal Kootu / Kathirikai Kootu - South Indian Tamil Recipe

    19th Entry: Kai Murukku - Tamil Nadu Festival Tamil Recipe

    20th Entry: Potato Bonda/Aloo Bonda - Tamil Recipe Snack Variety

    21st Entry: Healthy Diet Tamil Recipe Ragi Roti

    22nd Entry: Sevai or Idiyappam - How to Make Home Made Tamil Recipe Sevai

    23rd Entry: Dry Fruits Burfi - Tamil Festival Recipe - Sweet Variety

    24th Entry: Thengai Paal Kozhukattai (Rice Dumplings in Coconut Milk) Tamil Recipe - Dessert Variety

    25th Entry: Gulab Jamun Stuffed With Nuts - Tamil Festival Recipes

    26th Entry: Inji (Ginger) Thuvaiyal - Healthy Tamil Recipe

    27th Entry: Chandrakala Tamil Festival Sweet Recipe

    28th Entry: Pumpkin Halwa - Tamil Sweet/Dessert Recipe

    29th Entry: How to Make Tamil Recipe Vegetable and Clusterbeans Kofta Curry

    30th Entry: Rava Idli Homemade Tamil Recipe

    31st Entry: Milagu Kuzhambu - Balanced Diet Food Tamil Recipe

    32nd Entry: Inji (Ginger) Kuzhambu Spicy South Indian Tamil Recipe

    33rd Entry: Badusha - Tamil Festival Diwali Sweet Recipe For TamilSpider

    34th Entry: Hotel Sambar/Tiffin Sambar - How to Make Homemade Tamil Recipe Hotel Sambar

    35th Entry: Diwali Legiyam - Ancient Healthy Tamil Recipe

    36th Entry: Jhangri - Festival Tamil Recipe As a Treat for Your Taste Buds

    37th Entry: Aval Upma Easy Breakfast Tamil Recipe

    38th Entry: Bengal Gram Dal Poli - Festival Tamil Recipe

    39th Entry: Thenga Poli - Tamil Sweet Recipe for All Occasions

    40th Entry: Potato Thenga Poli - A Traditional Tamil Kids Recipe

    41st Entry: Mahali Kizhangu Pickles - Tamil Recipe Pickle Variety

    42nd Entry: How To Make Tamil Recipe Soup Rasam

    43rd Entry: How to Make Vegetable Pakoda - Tamil Recipe Snacks Variety

    44th Entry: Lady's Finger Masala - Tamil Recipe Gravy Variety

    45th Entry: Tamil Rice Recipe - Raw Mango Rice

    46th Entry: Bell Pepper Rice - Kids Tamil Recipe

    47th Entry: How to Make Tamil Recipe Potato Capsicum

    48th Entry: Idli Chilli Powder Tamil Podi Recipe

    49th Entry: How to Make Tamil Recipe Mor Kuzhambu

    50th Entry: How to Make Tamil Recipe Milagu Vadai - Deep Fried Recipe Peppercorn Fritters



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    Sowmya you have submitted 21 entries for this contest and i think you are aleady a winner. My choice goes to you for the first prize. Great contributions.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Hi Spiders,

    Wow!!! what a contributions by Sowmya mam. Really haerd working . Allthe best mam. Definitely you will win tha race. Advance Congrats.
    Atleast one recipe please prepare for our TAMILSPIDERS.

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    Hello Mr.Ravikumar

    Look out for my Thirty third entry especially for Tamilspider members for the coming Diwali Festival. Thanks for your suggestion.

    Mohan Sir and Mr.Ravikumar everybody here works equally good. Anyway thanks for your encouragement.



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