Belief! or Understanding!

Two words, Two different perspective and Yet correlated to be together.

"If you believe, you don't need to understand. If you understand, you don't have to believe."

Let me explain with an example. Let there be an object.

"The object that clean boards is called Duster. This above object does that function. So the object above is Duster."

Now that, we have understood it is duster, we don't have believe it any more.

In other case...

If we have believed that, duster is meant for cleaning board, then, there is nothing we need to understand further.

So, does this aspect work on everything we humans are dealing with?

What is your view upon such aspect?

I request all to post your views only after reading every other's post. So that, the repetition of same points can be avoided and if not doing so, leaves the thread dead as well as reduce the reputation of Tamil Spider way down.


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