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    Perseverance Really Pays?

    If someone irritate us by saying Nonsense words/Doing Unnecessary Action to annoy us,means what should we have to do?

    we have to take Revenge of them?
    We should irritate them again by words?
    We Must be aware of those people and have to keep Distance from them?
    Don't Do anything,let them Realize their fault..?

    Tell Me the Correct Solution Please....
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    That's a wonderful question.

    I'm hopefully sure that, every person has mostly encountered such irritating and annoying situation with someone.

    From the choices given, the correct subsequent action will be either the 3rd or the 4th.

    * We must be aware of those people and have to keep Distance from them!
    * Don't do anything and make them Realize their fault!

    While considering human psych at that point of situation, it will chose to attack him or scold him heavily. That is where, the conscience have to be put forth and the decision of the next action has to be made.

    There is even a wonderful and famous proverb in Tamil, "ஆத்திரகாரனுக்கு புத்தி மட்டு". In English, its like, "Person with angriness will act like fool".

    To be a perseverant is to stay focused on what you want and nothing else other than that.

    All I suggest is that, in order to overcome such annoying persons and situations in life is Patience and Tremendous Perseverance.


    Chandru Always Rocks.

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    Hai Karthik

    According to me, If some one irritates us we should keep distance from them.
    துஷ்டனைக் கண்டால் தூர விலகு.


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    Hi Chandra Sekar and Kavitha,

    You People Reply are Really Good.Both of them Stick to the third &fourth option,that is "We have to Keep Distance from them".Really,Perseverance pays i too accept that.And My Option is also that Only.Since,we will be not affected by anybody unless we affect ourself.By Considering them as a "issue" only affects us,if we ignore them means there is no problem at all.Thanks again for your Great Response.

    S.Karthik Kumaran,
    "Persevarance pays more than Vengence"

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    Why do we go for such choices like avoiding him and make him regret?

    When you start digging deeper, you can get the answer.

    The answer is that, We are not courageous enough to face the consequences of our own reaction. When you get irritated, your mind makes you agitated and asks you to beat him up. The same mind thinks about the consequences of such action and answer would be like...

    * held up by police
    * parents scolding and so on.

    Since we are not courage enough to face more problems, we decide to give up the fight and go for peace.

    'What' and 'If' are two words are non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side, and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. "What If?"

    So, let the essence of this topic be the same.

    What if there is no law or code or no one else to punish you regarding your reaction to the continuous irritation by someone?

    What would be your reaction to that kinda situation?

    If I happen to be there, I would obviously stab this guy like hell.

    So, What might have you done?


    Chandru Always Rocks.

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