Invitation to Andhra Spider

Hello Members,
Andhra Spider is one of the fast-growing revenue sharing sister sites. But it is also one the sites much unnoticed. Most of the members tend to go with the four metropolitan city-state sites: Delhi, Maharastra-Mumbai, Bengal-Kolkata, Tamil Nadu-Chennai. So I am putting here a few reasons why Andhra Spider could be an equal option :

1) Andhra Spider is the Second Highest Earning revenue sharing sister site of August. It is sharing revenue so if you are here for that Andhra Spider is your second option.

2) Tollywood is the second biggest film making industry in India and these movies get released throughout the world. So you have crores of potential visitors.

3) Andhra Politics have been the hottest this year with every week a new big event happening. Andhra Politics have a huge impact on National Politics so Here also you have crores of potential visitors.

4) Andhra Pradesh is known to be the best in Education Systems. 30% of students qualifying IIT-JEE are from Andhra Pradesh. Students here have started to use web as their additional educational source long ago. Here you have lakhs of potential visitors.

5) Andhra Pradesh has many Tourist spots like Tirupati where people all over the world visit.

6) Last but not the least Andhra Pradesh is one of the top internet using states in India. So whatever you post it is going to be read by someone sometime.

This I invite you to Join Andhra Spider and take an opportunity to become the partner of this fast-growing site.