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    Do you believe Astrology?

    What do you think about people deadly believe on Astrology? Do you believe Astrology? Is Astrology Really works?
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    Yes i beleive in Astrology. Not the daily predictions given in news papers and net. I respect the traditional one with all grids. These grids are moving with the time and that will tell the difference. Many a times the predictions were true and has to be believed.

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    To those who believe in astrology, it might work. But to those who do not believe in it, it will not work. When people speak about astrology some say, "It is scientific" and some others say, "It is superstition" Those who say that it is scientific has strong reasons and those who say that it is superstition also has strong reasons. So, here what do I understand and what do I believe?

    Understanding is one thing and believing is another. When you try to understand something, it goes on enabling you to see more and more new areas. Where as believing is concerned, it makes you stay in a position and fix your mind on certain ideology and you ponder over it and try to proof it true.

    Everything is based on your believes, your faith. Your believes has the power and it is your driving force.

    Hence, I would say it is up to you and me to choose what to believe and what not to believe as our believes become our driving force. We must keep reasonable believes or ideology in our driving seat. So that we may enjoy the beauty of the world and our hard works.

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    Actually this is a good thread to discuss with. Actually the astrology is the one that was believed from the olden days itself. The reason for the wrong thought about the astrology was because it was taken to the wrong hands. It can be said in the scientific manner that the predictions and the results of the astrology are also proved to be true. Most of the people are not comfortable with the astrology because they are cheated in some means or the other by the people who are using astrology just like that. We cannot tell that the one who is sitting under the tree is a astrologer. Most of the people put board that they are astrologer and sit under the tree and the people go to those people and get affected.

    Astrology is a ocean and if analyzed in the proper manner we can even predict death. But the good astrologer should not go to that prediction. And moreover the point is that if the astrology is used in the wrong sense then the people who does that will definitely get affected. Every fact of the astrology is now proved in the base of scientific things. And when a person who learns a very little things about the astrology, he calls himself as an astrologer and this becomes his best way to earn money. To these astrologers people go and get affected.

    You can also see one thing. If there is any mistake in the doctors field then people blame only the doctors and not the medicine but in the astrology if any person makes a makes a mistake in giving correct predictions people blame the astrology and not the astrologer. This is the reason why the astrology has been given a bad name in the society.

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    No. I do not believe in it. It is a business for some people. for the sake of money they tell us a lot according to their imagination.

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