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    Medicinal Uses of Neem Tree In Tamilnadu

    Weather and climate of Tamilnadu is favorable for the growth of variety of Medicinal plants,especially Neem plant. It is a holy plant and disinfectant too.
    Discuss about the medicinal properties of Neem plant.
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    Hi Kavitha

    Neem trees has a lot of medicinal use. Just add few neem leaves to hot bathing water to get instant pain relief from neuromuscular pains.

    In ancient days twigs of neems was used as tooth brushes and the leftovers of the neem seeds after oil extraction is used in agriculture to enrich soil.

    Neem leaf and seed extracts is used to cure headaches and it reduces body heat. Just dry the neem leafs under hot sun and put it in mud pot along with camphor. Just burn it out. The smoke that comes from dried neem leaves which acts as natural insect repellents which controls fleas and it is good for our health also.

    The air that blows through neem trees is quite refreshing and healthy. Neem flowers is used in cooking it has good medicinal value for all kinds of stomach problems. In villages at Tamilnadu you can see this trees almost at all houses.



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    This is a nice topic that is raised. Out tamilnadu is fully surrounded with lots of medicinal herbs. Neem tree is one of the excellent gift for Tamil nadu. People of Tamil Nadu use neem tree in many aspects. The leaves have some particular essence that is very useful for treating many diseases. In the sidha medicine the Neem leaves play a major role. The leaves of the neem tree are used for the treatment of fever and the other diseases. It is also said that the teeth gets strength when we use the stick of the neem tree for brushing.

    The leaves of the neem tree can also be taken inside to treat the disorders of the stomach. Sugar patients can also be treated with the help of the neem leaf because of the bitterness of the neem leaf. Neem flowers are also used for cooking purpose and the neem flowers also have some medicinal qualities. The neem flower can also be taken inside normally. The shade and the breeze that is produced by the neem tree is very useful for making the air circulation very good.

    It is very great to go for the planting of the Neem tree in the house. Every individual house should have the neem tree to be grown. This gives the disease less life to us.

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