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    பேய் இருக்குறதா / Is there ''Pei'' present

    Do you believe in this. If yes please post your response.

    K Mohan
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    I am little on both of Ghosts being present and not being present.

    I am so glad that I haven't met a Ghost in my past and I don't want to meet even in my mere future.

    I am familiar to the term 'SOUL' rather than 'GHOST'.

    When people die in vain with unaccomplished desires, their souls revolve around until their desires are completed.

    Most People call them as 'SOUL'. But, when these souls try to make contact, the people out of fear call them as 'GHOST'.

    There are several evidences for their existence.

    Since I haven't met, I disapprove their existence.


    Chandru Always Rocks.

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    Hai Mohan
    Yes I have seen the பேய் (ghost) somany times in Movies and Pictures. But in real life, no Idea about that.


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    I think evil spirit is called 'Pei'. If what I say is correct we tend to believe that it exists. For, most of us believe in good spirit which means something divine.

    If we call something good, then we knowingly or unknowingly acknowledge something which is bad.

    But I question its existence.

    Good or bad, Pei or divine, all these are something abstract. So we can not see, touch, and smell. But it could be very well experienced. When we get pleasant feeling, seeing something or being with something or somebody, we say it is good or divine. When we get bitter feeling seeing something or somebody it we say it is bad or evil.
    Seeing a nude image someone says that it is bad and another says that it is a nice art. One element is considered both good and evil. How could it be? It is just because that something is in the site of the viewer. Element is same. But different viewers view the one and same element differently. So, I am certain that good or bad are in the understanidng of the viewer.

    If we are well disposed then we tend to understand everything good. If not we tend to say that everything is bad.

    If we have only positive or pleasant feelings or thinking, then there will not be any room for evil or Pei.

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    Chandrasekhar and Kavita thanks for responding.

    As far as i have concerned i have not seen any pei or ghost so far. But in Secunderabad near the Railway station there is Christian Cemetry and if any one crosses it during midnight they had it.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    John Bosco thanks for responding

    It seems you have gone little deeper in to the toughts and wrote a nice reply.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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