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    ரஜனிகாந்த் அரசியலில் இறங்கவேண்டும்/Rajnikanth must enter Politics

    Please post your views on this matter in detail.

    K Mohan
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    No. Super Star Rajnikanth should not enter Politics.

    There might be some good for people and the party he joins. But, it is surely not good for his career.


    Chandru Always Rocks.

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    Hai Mohan
    The Main Motivation of politicians is to serve his people and country.
    Superstar Rajnikanth is the man of honesty and simplicity. He is already doing some service to poor without any publicity, so what is the need of Politics for him.

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    Chandrasekhar and Kavitha thanks for responding.

    Why both of you casting doubts on Rajni's credentials in Politics. TN people are fed up with AIADMK or DMK politics. They need a change and it can be bought out by Rajni only.

    K Mohan

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    As far as I know Rajni is not a good/fast decision maker. Even he won't stick into his own decisions for longtime. This kind of character won't suite for Politics. I don't want Rajni become a next Vijayakant or Chiranjeevi. Both of failed in Politics. Some people want him in Politics because of their own profits. I think Rajni has well understand their motive, thats why he kept himself away from politics.
    Suresh Kumar R.
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    Suresh Kumar you made a good observation about Rajni that he fails to stick to his own decisions. But Politics is such a place this kind of laxity is allowed as leaders seldom keep their promises. But once he joins politics definately he will learn the nonsences of the polity.

    K Mohan

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    I even agree with the point that Rajini should not enter into Politics. In many of the shows we can see that Rajini is not a good decision maker. Recently we have seem many examples. As suresh said he will not stick to his own decisions. So he is definitely not supposed to be the best person for the Politics. As of now people are just making decisions that he is a great person by just seeing his movies. His original character is not shown in the movies so there is no use in making decisions with the Movies that he has acted. Showing him as hero is the effort of his directors. And everything has become commercial. Even though we bring him to the seat of Chief Minister he will not sustain as a good person.

    The other political person in this country is too bad. This is the reason why Dr. A. P. J. Abdul kalam even dint sustain for more than once in the president seat. So for all the political person it will be as if walking in the bed of thorn. And especially for the good political person it is even worse like walking in the bed of broken glasses. This will not be a good option for the Rajini to go for. Rajini has refused the offers that reached. I think that is the clever decision that he has made.

    I personally feel that Rajini is not the right person to fit the politics.

    Thanks & Regards
    S. Balasubramanian
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    Thanks Bala for responding and analysing finaly that Rajini is unfit to enter the politics. But what i feel that given his age its better he opt out of films to politics. He cannot dance now nor emote well like before as age factor playing a vital role.

    K Mohan

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    Hello mohan,
    Rajini the super star,He is living in the Hearts of the tamil people.Its not so easy to play a role as politician in politics,Because Rajini sir , is a great and nice man.



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    Muthukumar welcome to this site and thanks for replying to this thread. It seems you are the ardent fan of Rajnikanth. Yes its not easy for every one to play politics but a try can always be made.

    K Mohan

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